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s l

on 15 March 2013

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Transcript of implementation

TRADE MAGAZINES Research carried
out How this
will be implemented Currently expanding in two stages, the Turbine hall and the Tank costing £215,000 with completion in 2016 A Journey to the 21st Century Gallery AIMS
EXPANSION THE CHALLENGE Using the research from stage one to develop a thorough marketing strategy transforming the Tate Modern into a 21st Century art gallery 1. Understanding of the market both internally and externally
2. Clear understanding of trends shaping the industry nationally and internationally
3. Consumer participation
4. Case sudies RSI
CONCLUSION This research will culminate into conclusions of the general direction of the Art industry considering the findings from the research stage that will direct a strategy transforming art galleries for the future. KPI's
Measuring ROI on social media (likes on Facebook, Tweets)
Number of visits in the first month of a new season
click through google searches
Visitor satisfaction percentage
inline wih the VE model HOW DOES THE CONCEPT
BENCHMARK AGAINST KPI's “Art, like excellence, will always elude neat definition.
Why is this so important? Is it because art is intrinsically valuable? or because it is necessary for a successful economy, to our national prestige, to our mental health, to our social cohesion, to our sense of identity, to our happiness and to our well-being?”

(Artscouncilengland. 2010, Online). SURFACE GALLERY MIMM CLOTHING ART GRADUATE Interviews

Focus Group

Online Survey

Observation FOCUSES Increasing social cohesion amongst the local community
Create a more active and engaging experience with visitors
Reinvent the art gallery as a social space for everyone
Integrate changing consumer, technological and lifestyle trends shaping the industry. AIMS DESIGNER FORUM EXTERNAL MARKET visitor attractions market Issues in the market Future Opportunities Consumer lifestyles Micro Environment Overall Art Market Art within Education Visitor experience Future trends Create a stronger brand image for the Tate
Identify a strong consumer base amongst generation Y
Comply with brand objectives and the Tate project aims (Social Spaces)
To create a 21st century Art gallery Tate
St Ives Tate
Liverpool Tate Britain Future Possibilities National/ Global Expansion

Diversification SECONDARY RESEARCH Journals






RESULTS The experience begins before entering the space 1. prior
2. during
3. post Perceived expectations of visitor motivations 1. Explorer
2. Facilitator
3. Experience Seeker
4. Professional/Hobbyist 5. Recharger THE VISITOR EXPERIENCE
MODEL Three contexts the experience could be considered in 1. Personal
2. Social
3. Physical A REALM OF CULTRAL TRENDS 1. Digital
2. The Third Place
3.Retail spaces
4. Sensory experiences
5. Power of surprise
6. community culture WHY TATE STAGE 2 OUTLINE Introduction
The Brand
current communication
previous exhibitions
current position
consumer percetion
The Big Idea
aims/ objectives
map/ interior visual
communication strategy
consumer testing
future opportunities THE END

Thank you for listening By
Sohini Lakhani LEE ROSY'S CAFE THE BIG IDEA Increase social spaces by integrating a functioning hybrid installation room combining elements of art, dining and relaxation steady growth between 2009-2011 early 2012, visitor attractions continued to strive visitor attractions market to grow to a total of £259 million in 2016. art galleries have consistently remained at the top since 2007 “One of the great strengths of London is that it is both an international center of commerce, and a vibrant cultural capital. We have world-renowned institutions like the Tate Modern and the Royal Academy, a thriving scene of new and established galleries and dealers, and a glittering firmament of auction houses, art fairs, exhibitions, and cutting-edge artists. Where better to buy and sell the grand masters or the great pioneers of today?”

- Boris Johnson
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