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The Honest Truth

A book you will never let go...

Ellie Cheong

on 27 February 2015

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Transcript of The Honest Truth

Mark: He is a boy with cancer, he has the dream to climb Mt. Rainer.

Beau: Beau is Mark's dog, he has a mismatched eye.

Jessie: Mark's best friend,she will always be by his side. The one who is holding Mark's secret for him together.

Mark's Parents: Worrying
about Mark, where he is right
at this moment.
The mountain was calling for him. He had to run away. He had to. Mark's grandfather was a great mountain climber, a legend. Mark promised his grandfather he will climb a mountain, to the top.He's on his way. He leaves with his dog,Beau.
But Mark is not a normal kid. He is sick, hospital and special treatments. Yep, cancer. He leaves everything behind, his parents and his best friend, Jessie. He brings his camera, his notebook, his dog, and a plan to reach the biggest mountain, Mt. Rainer.
Will he be able to reach Mt. Rainer before the cancer kills him?
My Favourite Part
My favourite part of the book is when he's at this restaurant and 3 angels ( really chiefs), stares at him while talking in Spanish. When Mark is just standing there like he's frozen.

That was my favourite part because the way author described it was funny, and I won't tell you what he did after, but something that made his parents worry even more.
A Quote I Liked
"Dogs die, maybe. But friendship doesn't. Not if you let it"
I selected this quote because friendship is something we carry around us everywhere we go. You just don't know it.
If you like the book "Wonder", you will definitely like "The Honest Truth". Because both books have to do something about sick and cancer.I enjoyed this book because it had a point of view of a child that is sick and a journey to climb a mountain. It's a life of a person who has cancer. Someone different from who we are.

Beau's Body
One of Beau's eye colour is green, like Mark's.
The other eye colour is brown, like Jessie's eye colour.
Beau also has two fur colour, brown like Mark's hair and black, like Jessie's hair.
Beau kinda puts two best friends together.
He is a very important character in the book.
The Honest Truth
By Ellie C.
Author Dan Gemeinhart

Dan Gemeinhart
Book Covers
If I were to rate this I will rate this all 5 stars because the chapters were very interestng and I like books with adventures with a characters point of view who is sick. I couldn't stop reading it!
Type of book: Chapter
Genre: Adventure
Very little violence

Thank You for Watching!
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