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Fansub Cyber Culture in China

No description

Yuan Tian

on 15 April 2011

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Transcript of Fansub Cyber Culture in China

In 2006 Fansubbing Background a unique Internet community of practice, affinity and interculturality helps to understand not only how mass cultural products cross the language barrier and spread mediated by Internet.
offers an interesting perspective into the birth of spontaneous multicultural communities in the era with huge expansion of global media markets Motivation Methodologies and Data Multisited Online Ethnography Network society demands researchers traverse different sites (Appadurai 1996; Burrell 2007) so I started to YTET Fengruan YYeTs Ragbear Interviews Survey Practice Authorship Signature Preface and postscript The following is some nonsense from Qingzhen (the fansubber’s name). If you don’t like it, please ignore it. Until now, our lovable, hateful, brilliant, crippled Dr. House’s story would be suspended for a while. I am here to represent all group members that contributed to the translation of the show to thank all the audiences for supporting us. It might be a little cliché, but I still want to tell you that your guys’ appreciation is the biggest motivation for our work. Also I would like to thank all the people overseas who provided us the source and composed the files every week in the forum. And don’t forget our bosses, such as Lord Fenglingxue. Without them, there is no meaning for us to do this. Lastly, also the most importantly, I would like to thank all the crew of House M.D for creating such a great show for us. Everyone, please wait with us for the next season when we will try as hard as we can to provide you the better subtitles. Please support Fengruan’s website, forum and our team. Thank you very much Interculturality Alienation

Use of Annotations and Comments

Localization of cultural references
Localization of language

Self-regulation on sensitive content Original: Hitler and Martha Stewart would have hated that wedding.

Chinese subtitle: 希特勒 (Chinese translation of Hitler; pronunciation: Hsi te le)和
Martha Stewart肯定恨死那场婚礼了。

- Cited from 30Rock S05E11, subbed by YTET Original: A: Why is our daughter dressing like Donna Summers?
B: She is not Donna Summers. She is Diana Ross from the RCA years.

Chinese subtitle: A:为什么咱家女儿穿得像Donna Summers一样?(著名女歌手)
B: 她不是Donna Summers。他是“黄金岁月”里的Diana Ross(著名女歌手 此EP该专辑97年发面市)。

Chinese annotation in the first parenthesis is “famous female singer”. Chinese annotation in the second parenthesis is “famous female singer” and “the mentioned album released in 97”.
- Cited from Modern Family, S01E06, subbed by YTET Original: A: Son of a bitch… Who wrote that on my wall?
Chinese comments in the parenthesis: 还好写的不是“拆”,你就知足吧 (meaning ‘You should be grateful that wasn’t a removing sign’)
– Cited from Criminal Minds S06E08, subbed by Fengruan Original: Dios mio, mi estomago
Chinese subtitle: 厄滴神哪,疼死俺咧. (in the dialect of Shanxi Provence in the north west China)
Meaning: OMG, I'm gonna die of the pain.
Cited from House, subbed by YYeTs Original: They’re a bunch of wieners and gonads.
Chinese: 他们就是小JJ和小蛋蛋的最佳结合体。(小JJ, meaning little Jiji, is a cute version for “wiener”; 小蛋蛋, meaning little balls, is a cute version for “gonad”; the “little” here does not refer to size, but to add cuteness.)
–Cited from How I Met Your Mother S6E07, subbed by YYeTs Community Structure Animosity and Alliance Fansubbers are required to be loyal to one fansub group only
Fansubbers are supposed to be hostile to fansubbers outside their own group.
Research revealing that being categorized, on a minimal or trivia basis, causes people to discriminate in favor of their own group (Tajfel et al. 1971) Social identity theory suggests that identifying an “enemy” can be a strong force that unites ingroups against outgroups (Korostelina 2007)
Chinese government serves as an external force that press the community together. Hierarchical Structure and Family-like Relationship Two major benefits for being a fansubber with the higher status in the community

In groups’ forums, fansubbers usually attract more attention, more support and more trust.

Fansubbers have access to information and services that common fans don’t have, which is defined by MacDonald (1998) as the "hierarchy of access". Members develop close personal relationships in which they perceive others as part of their close social networks

They like to refer to each other as brother, sister, or other terms normally reserved for relatives to maintain the family feeling Example:
Cofelink:Before I joining the group, one day I said to Tuanzi on QQ, “I want a home.” Tuanzi replied, “Come and join Ragbear. ” Then I joined and found my family here. International and National Identity Members of this community are American cultural admirers.

Members of this community have better beliefs about America. Example posts:

Serena_Heat: I don’t know since when I started to love America. Besides its TV programs, I also a fan of its movies, music and almost everything. Does anyone here have the same feeling as me?

Xuanfengling: Me, me, me. You are my soul mate. I like American TV shows and American movies. After watching the TV shows, I started to learn many things about American culture and values. It is the country that I would like to visit the most. I hope that I could go to America to study.

IamBarbie: I love American TV shows, pop music and movies, like you.

Agent_crime: I am a fan of NBA and electronic games, and don’t let me start to talk about my love of its TV shows and movies. Survey results show:

On a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 as very poor and 5 as very affluent
People who identify themselves as regular American TV show watchers are more likely to think of America as an affluent country (mean=4.48) than people who watch American TV shows occasionally (mean=3.82, t=11.733, p< .001)
Members are required to be respectful to their Chinese heritage Example Posts:

Xiriluoyan: There should have been many people that hate you for saying this. If you are not comfortable with this, please leave the community. Actually most of people here do love America. So do I. I am planning to go to America for further education and maybe get a green card. But I also love my birth country deeply. I want to ask you, even if your mother were really ugly, are you ethically allowed to not love her?

Serena_Heat: Dude, everybody here loves America, but it doesn’t mean that you could disparage your own country. If one day you had gone to America, you still represent China. I don’t think the Americans would think highly of a person who doesn’t have nationalistic pride at all. Annotations
Speeches Cultural learning resources Bibliography

Appadurai, A. (1996). Modernity at Large: Cultural Dimensions of Globalization. Minneapolis, MN:University of Minnesota Press.

Ariely, D. (2008). Predictably irrational: The hidden forces that shape our decisions. New York: Harper Collins.

Burrell, J. (2007). “Producing the Internet and Development: An Ethnography of Internet Café Use in Accra, Ghana.” PhD Thesis, Sociology, The London School of Economics and Political Science, London, UK.

Grewal, D. (2008). Network Power: The Social Dynamics of Globalization, New Haven & London: Yale University Press.

Hu, K. (2009). Chinese Subtitle Groups and the Neoliberal Work Ethic. Mass Communication Research. Iss. 101 pp. 177-214.
Lave, J., & Wenger, E. (1989). Situated learning: Legitimate peripheral participation. Manuscript available from author, University of California, Berkeley.

MacDonald, A. (1998) Uncertain utopia: science fiction media fandom and computer mediated communication. In: Cheryl Harris and Alison Alexander, (Eds.) Theorizing Fandom: fans, subculture and identity , pp. 131-152. Cresskill, NJ : Hamption Press.

Piliavin, J. A., & Callero, P. (1991). Giving blood: The development of an altruistic identity. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins Press.

Tajfel, H., Billig, M., Bundy, R. P., & Flarnent, C. (1971). Social categorization and intergroup behaviour. European Journal of Social Psychology, 1, 149-178.

Walther, J.B. (1996) Computer-Mediated Communication: impersonal, interpersonal and hyperpersonal interaction. Communication Research 23 (1) I swear to god I promise to Chairman Mao Example posts:
bombX: The people I admire the most are the da shen of the fansub groups.

Louluo811120: Without all the da shen of the fansub groups, how can ordinary people like us live?

Scorpio: Fansubbing da shen, please keep up the good work and enrich our lives. Thanks.
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