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Marcus Garvey and the back to Africa Movement 1920's Aaron

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Shannon Mosmiller

on 13 December 2012

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Transcript of Marcus Garvey and the back to Africa Movement 1920's Aaron

By: Shannon Mosmiller Marcus Garvey and the Back to Africa Movement Who was Marcus Garvey? Result Jamaican, living in America
He came from a poor family
Came to the United States in 1916
Founder of the UNIA
Most influential black leader of the 1920's
Race pride and African Heritage Back to Africa Movement believed Blacks would never get fair treatment and equal rights in the United States
Marcus Garvey said, "If Europe is for the Europeans, than Africa shall be for the black peoples of the world,"
In the 1920s, Garvey called for a return to Africa
His plan was to have all of the African Americans migrate back to Africa
There he would start the formation of new nation where Blacks would be accepted and treated respectfully This movement resulted with little success. A very small amount of African Americans Moved back to Africa, however in doing this, Marcus Garvey set a great example for future African American political movements. What happened to Marcus Garvey? 1925 - arrested and charged with Mail fraud
Stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from the UNIA
Sentenced to 5 years in jail
1927-after two years of imprisonment, Calvin Coolidge had him deported back to Jamaica
Lead to the failure of his organization and the lack of success in the Back to Africa Movement ROAR Caused many African Americans to have the courage to protest
Showed the Whites, African Americans wanted change
The basic idea of all African Americans migrating back to Africa to create a new nation, created confusion, excitement, and hype
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