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Objective Response Writing

How to write effective multiple choice questions.

Kurt Challinor

on 10 October 2011

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Transcript of Objective Response Writing

Objective Response Writing

How Questions

How to write multiple
choice questions
Objective Responses
BOS way of saying
multiple choice
This is the text of the question
These are the choices after the stem, A, B, C, D
This is the correct response
These are the incorrect responses
Right answer in objective responses
The Stem:
- Should set the problem
- Should not be in the negative
- Should not contain irrelevant information
- Should be clearly phrased
- Should only use POSITIVE phrasing. i.e. "Which of the following IS", rather than "Which of the following IS NOT"
The options:
- Should ALL be viable options
- gone are the days of one 'silly' option
- Should be FOUR options in keeping with BOS
Keep all distractors in the same format
- Avoid clues in the stem
- Avoid 'Clang asociations'
These are word repetitions from the stem that sound familiar so students pick them
Options Order:
- If ONE word, write them alphabetically
- Write in length order, shortest to longest, otherwise students may miss part of the question
- Make sure all options are roughly the same length - students will choose the longest one as it looks MORE correct
Source based questions:
Usimg the source an your own knowledge
Using 2 statements
Chronological Order
Put all similar detail in the OPTION, rather than the STEM
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