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future technology

No description

Cwrt Sart

on 9 April 2014

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Transcript of future technology

it will impact on our lives by helping with 2 things at once. My opinio0n is that we can do more things at once making things easier. People could clone themselves and be in more places at once.
it will impact on our lives by causing less damage to the roads and less money because it is a less risk to crash. My opinion is that it will be helpful with our everyday lives. People could use it by flying to other places passing over fields and un-passable things.
it will impact on our lives by causing less money and taking us places quicker. My opinion of this is it will make our lives a lot easier with travel. People can use it by getting at places in no time at all.

it will impact on our lives by helping us around the house and working with you. My opinion is that I don’t like robots because one wrong move and they could break or turn evil. People could use it around the house or out and about
travel tube
it will impact in our lives by taking places 2x faster than walking. My opinion is that if we had teleportation there is no need for travel tubes. People could use it to travel far distances at faster speeds.
Eye computer
it will impact on our lives by using a computer at any place. My opinion is that it will help with things online at any place. People can use it by checking emails or going on Facebook in any places with internet connection.
Future Technology
flying cars
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