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Paper Airplane Research Project

No description

MC Tetreau

on 21 May 2013

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Transcript of Paper Airplane Research Project

Paper Airplane Research
Project airplane is a device (toy)
constructed entirely out of
paper. they will usually
be able to fly but not always. 1.) A paper 2.) The first paper airplane was believed to be invented 2000 years ago in china.though the inventor is unknown. 3.) the record fastest paper airplane is 65km.the highest recorded paper airplane went 173 feet.and the farthest fly paper airplane went 226 feet 4.)There are many different paper airplane designs. Such as the “arrow, condor, delta, dragonfly” and many more the dragonfly of these is a very simple yet effective plane it of course has a part to hold on to on the bottom. It has straight wavy wings to fly with. 5.) The four forces of flight are as followed Lift. Drag. Thrust. Weight. though weight is also sometimes called gravity. 6.)The forces of flight affect and airplanes flight drastically they make it so the airplane can take off, land, speed up and slow down so without them and airplane would not fly 7.) The larger the wings the wider span of air is can cover letting it fly farther. But sometimes the weight is too much and it can’t fly. Different wing sizes affect the planes capability to fly. 8.) When the air goes around an airplanes wing it goes in two directions, up and down. The air going underneath is much faster but to the airplane that is slower. And the air above goes quite slow but lets the airplane fly forward. 9.) There are many pieces to a paper airplane such as the tail (only sometimes). A handle, wings, the nose, and depending on the plane there will be more. 10,) Vertical- upwards something up example- to stand vertically.
Horizontal- side ways to have something on its side.
Wing- An instrument used to fly with a bird or aircraft.
Wing use- the wing is used to fly by letting the plane either glide or push air.
Fuselage- Part of a wing and tail of and airplane to let and aircraft steer and fly.
Aileron- A movable surface on the edge of a plane.
Rudder- An instrument used to steer an aircraft particularly the airplane.
Elevator- A hinged horizontal instrument on an aircraft used to help the fuselage.
Stabilizer- An instrument used to stabilize and aircraft such as an airplane. 11.) Pilots can speed up there airplane by using and engine. They can slow down by turning down the engines. 12.) The airplanes will speed up and then the fast air going underneath the wings will lift the airplane. They will descend by slowing down letting less and less air underneath the wings Space craft Aircraft 13.) They will use rudders on the back tip of the airplane. That will steer them left and right. 14.)The difference between an aircraft and a spacecraft is that an aircraft is a vehicle that will travel through the air. And a spacecraft is a vehicle that will travel through space. 15.)the Difference between Aircraft and Spacecraft Both -Fly's through space
-Needs much more thrust
-leaves atmosphere -fly's
-used to travel -Fly's through the air
- can't travel as far
-much larger then most spacecrafts 16.) Pitch-nose up and nose down
Roll- The rotational movement where the wings bank left or right
Yaw- The nose left, nose right movement (like a car) 17.) In a hot air balloon, a gas burner is used to heat air. And hot air is lighter to they fly up. Part III
Design the best paper airplane…ever
The best is defined as the farthest flying.
Find 4 aircrafts that have set farthest/longest distance records one has to be no motorized and who did, the name of the aircraft and the when it happened 1.) A Boeing A160 Hummingbird set the world record for farthest flying helicopter and longest endurance of flight the pilot and date was not found to be recorded. 2.) The team of 40 students at the University of Maryland's A James Clark School of Engineering managed to keep the Gamera II helicopter airborne for 50 seconds a lightweight helicopter, which is powered by a solo pilot pedaling this was achieved in
1994 3.) A Boeing 777-200LR World liner flew 11,664 nautical miles (21,601.7 km or 13,422.7 miles) non-stop and without refueling from Hong Kong to London, UK from 9 to 10 November 2005 in 22 hours and 42 min, the longest flight ever by an unmodified commercial aircraft. And the pilot was never recorded 4.) The Scaled Composites Model 311 Virgin Atlantic Global Flyer flew a solo nonstop airplane flight around the world in 2 days 19 hours and 1 minute (67 hours 1 minute) from February 28, 2005 until March 3, 2005. The flight speed of 590.7 km/h (342.2 mph) broke the Absolute World Record for the fastest nonstop unrefueled it was flown by Burt Rutan and Steve Fossett 3-2-1 about the flying machines 1.) In the picture I see that the helicopter is shaped very different from most helicopters I have seen it might be more aerodynamic. I also see that it has an unusual tail attachment. But the first thing I noticed about this picture is that the helicopter has very large and round blades. It also has 4 blades rather than 2. It also has 0 visible windows which is confusing. I think this helicopter was able to break the record for helicopters because it not only has 4 blades to help fly but it is also very aerodynamic. 2.) The first thing I can see about this is that it is very flimsy looking. I also noticed it has lots more blades then for most helicopters. And it is petal powered! It has 8 blades! And it can only be driven or flown by 1 person at a time. I think this helicopter was able to stay flying for that long was because of sheer strength the pilot must have been quite strong. 3.) The first thing I noticed about this airplane is the sheer size of it, it is huge the engines alone are probable the size of houses. The wings are also designed for the perfect flight there huge and designed to fly. And the way the plane is on the front will let it just glide through the air. And it has the 2 giant engines. And the 3 separate windshields to improve visibility radius. I think this airplane was able to stay flying for so long was not just because it could hold so much fuel it also just glides through the air. 4.) One of the first things I noticed about this airplane is the shape it’s unlike anything I have seen before it is like two in one. Also it is very light looking so it could fly far without using too much fuel. And it’s many engines for speed. It has 3 engines! And it’s like 2 planes just shoved together. I think this plane was able to fly for so long because of the engines the wings and the fact that it is so light. Similarities

They all have so much power Gamera fly’s because of sheer strength and power and the Boeing 777 fly’s because of its huge engines and size. But that is pretty much all they have in common other than that they are all unlike but still very powerful. Complete the sentence

Based on my research, I think it is very important for an airplane to have a large wing span in order to achieve long distance flight. Evidence for my hypothesis is
A.) The Boeing 777 that broke the record it had a huge wing span letting it glide through the air.
B.) And the two person plane also had a huge wing span.
C.) And the helicopter that broke the record had large blades Perfect Prototypes

I think these airplanes will be great for flying because they are all designed for long distance. And they all have large wing span except for the blue and light blue one. Farthest out of them all
And the farthest flying plane was the…DART! I think I was because of its aerodynamic design or something else but it flew the farthest Changes

Well I could make it bigger, tip the wings up/down, or add a larger wing span I think the wing span change will affect the plane drastically whether or not it is in a good way I don’t know. Conclusion

After I had tested all the changes on multiple planes the best was when I tipped the wings down by 2 centimeters it flew 54.4 feet! That’s pretty far
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