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virgina jesus gutierrez

No description

lib hist

on 6 October 2016

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Transcript of virgina jesus gutierrez

types of economy
Tobacco, once the basis of the Virginia economy, has been replaced by livestock and livestock products as the state's most valuable source of agricultural income. Livestock products now generate more than 2/3 of the state's total agricultural receipts. virginia also has diffrent types of jobs but this example was once the main product of the

in 1607 jamestown became britains first great colonial settelment in north america lead by john smith.The london company founded virginia during king james I reign (1566-1625).
reasons why virginia was founded
Jamestown was originally founded from a desire to gain wealth and to a lesser extent to convert the natives to Christianity. Virginia became a royal colony in 1624 when King James I revoked the charter of the bankrupt Virginia Company. He felt threatened by the representative assembly known as the House of Burgesses. His timely death in 1625 ended his plans of disbanding the assembly.

colonial history brief
jamestown was chosen because of its location it was surrounded by water making it really easy to defend. the water was deep enough for ships in 1624 and jamestown was made a royal colony only 1,200 settlers left out of 6,000 that had arrived there over the years.
type of people living in the colony
after it was founded in May 1607? The first English settlers included about 104 men and boys, from captains and councilors to laborers. From the start, the colony teetered on the edge of collapse; by the end of the summer of 1607, only half of the original colonists survived. Nevertheless, the colony endured even the “starving time” winter of 1609-1610. Human skeletons and millions of archaeological artifacts excavated at Jamestown provide first hand evidence of the everyday lives and behaviors of the men, women, and children who helped the colony survive.people ranged from diffrent types of religion who were seeking freedom and diffrent people with working abilities
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