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Bloom's Taxonomy

No description

Rachel Pianta

on 31 January 2014

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Transcript of Bloom's Taxonomy

Comprehension builds on the ability to remember.

By organizing, comparing, translating, interpreting, giving and creating descriptions and stating ideas in one's own words, deeper understand of content can be created

Application refers to the ability to use learned material in new and concrete situations. This may include the application of such things as rules, methods, concepts, principles, laws, and theories. Learning outcomes in this area require a higher level of understanding than those under comprehension.

Museum Box!!
Bloom's Digital Taxonomy
Websites that will help teachers with each step of Bloom's taxonomy
We looked at websites and determined whether or not they were fitting and useful for that particular step

Bloom's Taxonomy
The first level is retrieving, recognizing, and recalling information. Remembering represents the lowest level in Bloom's taxonomy. It is "low" only in the sense that it comes first - it provides the basis for all "higher" cognitive activity.
The ability to break down material into its component parts. Identifying parts, analysis of relationships between parts, recognition of the organizational principles involved. Learning outcomes here represent a higher intellectual level than comprehension and application because they require an understanding of both the content and the structural form of the material.

The ability to judge the value of material for a given purpose.
The judgments are to be based on definite criteria. The student may determine the criteria or be given them.
Learning outcomes contain elements of all the other categories, plus conscious value judgments based on clearly defined criteria.
Creativity involves all of the other facets of the taxonomy. In the creative process the student/s, remembers, understands & applies knowledge, analyses and evaluates outcomes, results, successes and failures as well as processes to produce a final product.The following are some of the key terms for this aspect of the Taxonomy.
Creativity in action...

Takes time to learn
Can take a long time to create boxes
Good for teacher or student
Less than $99 per year, per school
Can add documents, pictures, notes, videos
Students are able to directly submit it to the teacher for grading
Many 'Boxes' are public
Easy to use
Has a lot of choices (if you choose to utilize them)
Could be utilized as a class book
Costs at least $19.99 per book
Not extremely useful for school because of cost and the length of time it takes to do
Only appropriate for middle or high school level classes
Make it Real Learning
Maths Dictionary and Maths Charts
ESL Video
Sheppherd Software
Sites I Didn't Like
Sites that I Liked That Were Debatebly Application
Key Verbs in Application:
Verbs describing Analysis:
"Math Problem Solver"
Four different parts:
Equation solver (with mathematical symbols)
Con: You can only see the answer for free (detailed steps requires account)
Worksheet generator for teachers/parents
Glossary of mathematical terms
Youtube videos that people create quizzes for: can be music video (Call Me Maybe), documentary (How Pennies are Made), movie (Lord of the Rings)
Intended for ESL students to improve their English and check their understanding
The quizzes can be multiple choice or fill-in-the-blank
Difficulty levels: Beginning, Low Intermediate, Intermediate, High Intermediate
Teachers can create accounts to monitor their students' progress
Con: You might have to search for an appropriate (and quality) video
Nice layout
Free: no sign-up required
When wrong, gentle correction
Scribble Maps
Drawing shapes on Google Earth
Would be useful if you don't have a SMART Board
Free online journal (just a piece of lined paper to write on)
Why not just use a Word document?
"Engaging real-world math activities"
-Free samples with over 100 pages of -After the free sample, about $40
worksheets and solutions for 110 activities with solutions
-Easy to find and use for grades 7-12
(decimals, calculus, linear functions, etc.)
No longer exists
A News site tailored to your interests
News you can share and post on networking websites
Comparable Websites:
Google News
My Yahoo
Dictionary of just about all of the math words you’d use from 6th grade onward (from fraction to algebra II topics)
+ Charts of numbers, operations, how to measure an angle

Brings you to quizrevolution.com

Quiz Producer
These can be printed out to keep in students' notebooks or placed up on the wall!
This site should be bookmarked if students don't bring their books home!
Add images, videos, custom responses, timers
Add feedback for every questions
Assign point values for each answer
Easy to figure out
Scholastic Story-Starters The Brainstormer
-Grades K-6
-Adventure, Fantasy,
Sci-fi, Scrambled
-A wheel spins with four separate story parts
Frustratingly slow
Difficult to figure out the specifics of the program
Some writing/drawing prompts:
-Grades 7-12
-Pinwheel design: three story components
Websites to Aid in Student Understanding
Comprehension Websites
Hosting platform for educational videos
All the videos are educational
Pros - Great search tabs are an easy way to narrow down more than 9,000 videos
Lots of videos, even on very specific topics
Setting up "classrooms" for K-12 with videos that align to ELA and Math Common Core Standards
A lot of videos to sort through...
Huge part of our generation!
If you know how to use it, great way to relate to students and bring them in to the lessons
For the classroom, addition of "channels", specific to education, even content
A world of content...
EyePlorer (Vionto)
Really cool site - great for research
A search engine that organizes your search graphically
Allows you to look at basic facts on left of screen, while terms within the "search circle" offer suggestions for how to narrow down search
Option to drag and drop notes that you can email to yourself if you create an account
Doesn't appear to have a way to enter your own search on the main screen
Great site to organize and find resources that are available to students and teachers
Easy to navigate and organize instructional tools, like Khan Academy, online simulations and lessons, a periodic table, even links on how to use HippoCampus!
As with many of these sites, there are tons of resources to sort through. Great if you can put in the time...
Or to help teachers facilitate it!
Create A Graph
Grades 4-6
Various Easy to Use Graphs
Easy to switch between graph types
Great preview tool to see what each option changes
Wicked customizable
Great "Help" tool on the sidebar
Grades K-1
3rd Grade
Vengeance for a crime, Tibetan, bulldozer
Miracle, Viking, mansion
Pre-school - high school games!
Colors, numbers
English: comma usage, adjectives, verb identification
US/World Geography
Flashcards for SAT vocab
Bone Identification
Logic- codebreaking
Thirteen Websites to Explore, Enjoy!
This interactive website allows to either make your own flashcards or browse the “pool” of flashcards that have already been made.
Unfortunately a lot of those websites are in a different language other than English.
Making your own flashcards is easy yet tedious. You can have the students use the flashcards themselves on the actual website, although when students type in their answer they have the power to say if it is correct or not.
The catch here is paying for the "benefits" of the website. Supposedly, if you pay the low price of $4.11 a month, then the website will be able to benefit you more by emailing your students the flashcards but only if they are a user themselves.
This website seems to be a new twist on the dictionary.
Not only do they give you the definition but they also give you “Examples” with the source cited and attached.
The users of the website can create LISTS where the word or phrase you look up is located in other peoples’ work.
This also includes “related words” to the word you are searching for. The website describes it best by saying ‘Our word relationships include synonyms, hypernyms, hyponyms, words used in the same context, a reverse dictionary, and tags.’
I do not see the relevance from an educational stand point. I am assuming dictionary.com would work just fine for whatever it is you’re looking for!
Another twist to the dictionary.
An online graphical dictionary.
I do enjoy this website; it’s a little bit harder to navigate if you are in a whole group setting.
Small group instruction or individually in the computer lab would be most efficient.
There is a key to follow which is helpful.
It will give me a brief definition. Furthermore it branches out from whichever word you're looking up to other associations or concepts such as the adjectives, nouns or verbs for fluency, derivatives, synonyms, and many more.
It’s definitely a good source, better for individual use.
Very simple and somewhat like dictionary.com.
One search line.
The unique selling point of this site is to be “as fast as a ninja”.
Just like a regular dictionary it gives you that words’ synonym, noun tense, verb tense and so on.
Spelling City
This website is a great resource for ELA
Geared towards elementary aged students.
They give you different spelling and vocabulary lists for multiple categories.
Categories such as: multiple meaning, Dolch sight words, homophones, math words, possessive nouns, science vocabulary, contractions, compound words, analogies and even state capitals.
Free games/activities.
Make your own lists up
I would recommend this website, especially for new teachers because it opens your eyes to the amount of resources there are to keep your students engaged.
Jigsaw Plant
This is great…for something to pass the time!
This isn’t a very educational website
It’s a website about puzzles, a lot of puzzles,
Create your own puzzle, using your own pictures.
This may help your fine motor skills as a child, having to put together a puzzle online isn’t the easier thing to do!
I would recommend it for a free-time computer game your children can play
This is a website where students or teachers can create 'cubes' (multiple in each 'drawer') that can contain ian immense amount of information about any given topic!
This is a program that is utilized for editing pictures. Pictures can be uploaded, adapted, changed, and saved.
My Story Maker
An elementary styled program that allows the author to both write the story and have a bit of creativity in illustrating it.
Pros and Cons
Creative assignment for young kids
Step-by-step process

Very elementary-not appropriate for higher grades
Not much creativity allowed

NOT Awesome Sites:
Big Huge Labs
Blocked by School Access
Content based multimedia program
Not user friendly
Online pin board
Not user friendly
Storybird is a story maker for all ages. Illustrations can be pre-created and very elaborate, or can be slightly personalized. Stories can range from very simply and elementary to extremely advanced appropriate for adults.
Is an online blog/poster for people to create and post their thoughts about anything. Teachers and students can post about content specific attributes.
An online scrapbook that is printed and sent to you for a fee. Pre-set templates are available as well as completely blank books available for full customization.
Classify Convert Defend

Describe Discuss Distinguish

Estimate Explain Express

Extend Generalized Give Examples

Identify Indicate Infer

Locate Paraphrase Predict

Recognize Rewrite Review

Select Summarize

Action Verbs!
How to Prove
Cool visual search engine
Pulls pictures and videos
Mostly from social media accounts
Not a good educational site...
No way to preview results
Can't usually get access to social media accounts in school anyway...
A search engine for, you guessed it, timelines!
Would be a great resource for history/social studies
But anyone can sign up for and create a timeline
Would be an interesting idea for an assignment
X Timeline
Referred to by Free Tech 4 Teachers as "an awesome highlighter"...
Cool program, allows you to highlight, clip, take notes and save it all as you conduct online research
Awesome Highlighter
Not sure if this is an educational site, but it's cool!
Search engine that pulls pictures from Flickr and then organizes them like a solar system, then finally a world of picture frames when you select a topic
Tag Galaxy
Periodic Table of Videos

Ended in 2011
Comparable to Surveymonkey

Allowed the user to:
Create customizable quizzes
Publish surveys to Internet
Control over who participates
Very easy to save your own projects (once downloaded to your desktop)
User friendly
Excellent for comparing/contrasting
Land masses
Good for all types of Bloom's Taxonomy if used properly
Can be helpful for all subjects
Read print
Books, magazines, comics for free once you sign up and download to your computer
You can keep track of what you read
Join online books clubs and discuss books
Get recommendations
Make a list of books you would like to read
This website would more useful for "Comprehension"
Thinking guides and templates
Very easy to use and good for copies
You can make portfolio
Once you login, you can make comments
Easy to create/customize/print
Website is an interesting tool used to build understanding of vocabulary

Each word is coupled with a video, picture and story/sentences where the word is used in context

A little bit elementary, but a cool feature is the ability for users to create and save lists, say for a class they are struggling with!
A great tool for people like me who hate writing down what they're thinking!
Brainstorming tool
Enter creates new child bubble, tab makes a new thread
Can edit text, add pictures/links, drag and position your webs, and then save or print them
Again, very basic, but useful function
GREAT photo editor!
Adaptable for Grade K-12
Beneficial for Technology or Art Class
Hosting platform for PowerPoint presentations
Thought this would be a great resource, but, not very many of the educational PowerPoint presentations are very good
I would not recommend this site
Huge number of presentations, lots are not in English, and those relating to education seem to be pretty poor
Not available anymore
A bit pointless for school
VERY time consuming
Jeopardy Labs
One of my favorite websites
Loved Jeopardy games as a student
This site lets you create and then run your own Jeopardy game or browse the thousands created by others!
Periodic Table of Videos
If you are a science teacher, or specifically a chemistry teacher, this is a great resource
The professor look like a cartoon of Albert Einstein
The videos are simply a more interesting way to present the elements and their properties!
Design your own survey or choose from a template
Choose how to distribute and collect responses
Analyze data
You need to subscribe for all options
Sign in with Google or Facebook
Chart responses
Look at individual responses
A great tool for any teacher looking to add a daily writing component
Teachers can create online classrooms where students can post, complete assignments, and teachers can view activity and respond in real time outside the classroom
Pro's and Con's of constant availability?
Only works if all students have Internet access
More helpful than WolframAlpha!!
Google Docs
My recommendation
Encompasses all of the above
Very easy to use
Creator's choice!
Evaluation Verbs:
Created by:
Emily Cavalieri- Remembering
John Reed- Comprehension
Cara Brouillard- Application
Alyson Paige- Analysis
Rachel Pianta- Creativity
ED 578
Professor Davidson
Sacred Heart University
Fall 2013
Lovely Charts
Diagramming application that allows you to create professional looking diagrams of all kinds.
Flowcharts, sitemaps, business processes, organization charts, wireframes and many more.
Not easy to use.
Unnecessary to learn a new program when Microsoft Word offers the same luxuries.
Cannot use online, must download to your computer or iPad.
Time consuming to learn a whole new program.
Sign-up required before any exploration of the website.
A place where you can store and save all of your favorite websites.
Share your favorite URL links with your friends, but only if they are signed up too.
Floor Planner
Allows you to create any floor plan in 2D or 3D.
Extremely Captivating.
You could use this in your high school math lesson. (dimensions and measurements).
This site allows you to unleash your imagination and inner interior decorator.
aka Flash Card Exchange
Flash card website.
Much better than the first one explored.
You can create your own flash cards as well.
You may test your self with flash cards you made.
You can share, print and export all made flash cards.
Must pay to use.
Create diagrams.
Choose from multiple templates.
A website where teams can collaborate together and more easily.
Wall Wisher
Unorganized looking at first,
Allows you to create your own "wall".
Decorate your wall how you will
As a teacher you may want to create your own wall and post homework assignments then share with students.
Create another personal board.
Add sticky notes to your board along with videos and pictures.
Share with friends!
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