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WEDNESDAY November 19, 2014

No description

Amy Swanson

on 18 November 2014

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Transcript of WEDNESDAY November 19, 2014

WEDNESDAY November 19, 2014
Do Now
Read your independent reading book silently for 15 minutes. You should have a book with you. I will be counting this as a quiz grade. Even if you have your book, if you fail to read silently, you will lose points.

When you receive your challenge paper, leave it upside down. We will have one minute to attempt the challenge. Don't turn over your hand out until I tell you to!
WODs Review
Which WOD is which?
WODs Quiz
Do not communicate with other students in any way at any time while quizzes are still out on the desks. It is not an exception if you or the person you are communicating with are both finished with your quiz.
Transfer your answers to the answer sheet. Only the answer sheet will be scored.
Draw on the back when finished, or read.
Turn your papers over when finished so I can visually asses the perentage of completion.
Let's continue our reading. Use the post-its to mark places you have "thick" questions. We will continue to read through page 33 and then pause to do some activities with what we've read.
Sharing our Stories and Videos
Let's take a moment to share some more videos/stories.
Remember our independent and subordinate clauses ("No!")
Remember: an independent clause has a subject, has a verb, and expresses a complete thought.

A subordinate clause has a subject and predicate (verb) but does NOT express a complete thought.

One type of subordinate, or dependent, clause is an adverb clause. Let's practice with these.
Adverb Clauses!!
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