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POD #135

No description

Taya Kimmel

on 28 March 2013

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Transcript of POD #135

By:Taya Kimmel POD #135
Your math project is 15 inches. You want to put a border of yarn around your project. How many inches of yarn will you need? Explanation: I know my answer is 52 because I had to find the perimeter.
The formula for the perimeter of a rectangle is length times 2 plus width times 2. So I took 15 2 and got 30. Then
I took 11 2 and got 22. Next, I added 30 and 22 together and I got 52 for my final answer. CVS A checkerboard has 64 squares.
Each square is 4 inches by 4 inches.
What is the area of the checkerboard? Explanation: The formula for area of a square is a number
squared. So I took 4 4 and got 16.
I then took 16 64 (because 64 is how many
squares the checkerboard has) and got 1,024.
So, 1,024 inches is my answer.
Thank you for
watching my POD! CVS Answer: 15 in. 11 in. Answer: p= 2l +2w 52 inches of yarn 1,024 inches
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