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Science Fair Project

No description

Nikita Guerrero

on 13 January 2015

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Transcript of Science Fair Project

Day 1:The roses were all the same. Day 2:The roses with salt and vinegar were starting to lose there leaves. Day 3:The roses with sugar and natural water are looking better than the salt and vinegar water. Day 4:The roses with the vinegar and salt are falling apart and sugar and natural water are falling apart slowly.
1. Clear cups
3.Salt in water
4.Sugar in water
5.Vinegar in water
6.Regular water
science fair project
In what solution would a rose last the longest out of these liquids, water, sugar mixed in water, salt mixed in water, or vinegar mixed with water?
The purpose of doing this is to find out in what solution would a rose most likely survive the longest.
I think that the rose will last the longest in the regular water because it is natural water and doesn't have any chemicals and things added into it.
Solutions are homogeneous mixture of two or more substances.
In my research I will be seeing which of the roses will lasts the longest in each of the different solutions.
1.Put the water in the cup
2.Put the sugar w/ water in the cup
3.Put the salt w/ water in the cup
4.Put the vinegar w/ water in the cup
5.Put the roses in the cups
The results were that the roses in the vinegar and salt water lasted the least time the rose in the natural water lasted more than the roses in salt and vinegar but less than the sugar water. And the rose in the sugar water was the one that lasted the longest.

The conclusion was that the sugar water lasted the longest out of all the four roses and the vinegar water was the one who lasted least the amount of time.
I can use this in the future by seeing how roses will react to the different liquids put into them.
By: Nikita Guerrero
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