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People to People

No description

Abby Davila

on 30 May 2013

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Transcript of People to People

People To People Abby Davila
Mario Trevino
Isael Botello
Genissa Padilla Table of Contents 1.)Executive Summary
2.)Statement of Need
3.)Project Description
6.)Survey Questions
7.)Conclusion Problem Although we are very diverse in our culture, we have not learned much about it. There should be more interaction with new people from the country they’re studying about. Solution We will bring at least five people from one country, that will be decided by the votes of the students. The country with the most votes will be chosen. The building will be beneficial to the students education.

The students will not have to pay for this type of education.

Although they are not at that very country, the students still get insight about what they would experience if they were to go there.

If we don’t take advantage of this diversity, our students will be clueless about the worlds countries. Statement of Need Executive Summary How:
Constructed Building
Trustworthy Employees
Information about the country

Every 3 months on a Friday morning (during collaboration)
All students and staff at Sci-Tech can attend

For the education of the students.
It is best for them to learn more than what they already know.
They will be able to gather more factual information. Project Description Budget Survey Questions 1. Which country do you prefer to learn about?

2. Do you believe that this organization will benefit the schools experience in being knowledgeable about different countries?

3. Which activities would you like to participate in?

4. Would you want a new building or use an existing building nearby?

5. What type of foreign music would you rather listen to? Conclusion:
Our proposal consists of a building that will be placed in the back of the school’s gym. We hope to utilize the amount of space given to construct this building. We wish to make this organization rise in the future with the help of each and one of the staffs. We are confident in the fact that more students will be knowledgeable, and eager to learn.
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