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Baser Oil Presentation

Preparation of the olive oil

Michaela Dunphy

on 19 December 2017

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Transcript of Baser Oil Presentation

The company was founded in 1983.

It started as a small SME with an 80 tonne per day capacity

In 1998 the company started exporting its branded olive oils to the United States, Russia and several other countries.

The company is very ethnocentric
By Michaela Dunphy
Donna O'Neill
Jean Mc Grath

The quality of olive oil can be determined by the taste and smell of the oil.
Task :
Taste/smell the oil. which one do you think is of higher quality and why?
Global Distribution of Olive Oil Production

-Americans are becoming more health conscious and since 2000 sales have grown by 15%.

-Bought mainly in the US by higher income families earning 75000 per annum.

-New York had 33% of sales of olive oil in America.

-Due to the obesity epidemic in America, sales have increased due to increased health consciousness and more interest in Mediterranean foods.

-Many restaurants are now using olive oil as an accompaniment for bread.

-High costs and low margins concerned baser even though there was a huge potential.

-High per capita income

-Politically and economically stable

-Familiar with Mediterranean cuisine as a result of immigrants

-Australians have a general concern with health and diet

-Imports have grown at 15% per year over the last few years

-95% of olive oil consumed was imported

-Australians have a growing acceptance of the product

-Olive oil market less competitive than in the US and enabled baser
to enjoy margins of up to 25-30%
Which Country to choose?

Where is the company now ?
Olive oil is possibly the single most globally consumed and traded product most closely linked to the Mediterranean.

Non Mediterranean countries account for less than 2.5% of world production.

Key factors for the future of the industry are developments in demands and in the competitive structure of the industry.

Chile, Argentina, South Africa and Australia are emerging regions, where olive trees are becoming more and more diffused and acquiring identity.
History of company
Management of an organization see the home market as superior but see similarities in other markets to there own
History of the Industry
it is very important for companies to choose the correct market to sell into.

there are 3 main factors which influence market selection and they are psychic distance, cultural distance and geographic distance.
This is Baser Foods main product and is trademark by Baser Gida, A.S in Istanbul.

It is produced in Turkey but has an Italian name to increase sales of the product.

The EEC are trying to make changes to laws so that Baser and other companies roducts under an italian name.
-companies need to identify foreign markets offering most attractive growth opportunities
-Unfortunately market selection decisions still remain highly informal.

-Before considering market selection both internal and external market factors must be considered
personnel, management, customers, capital, social, responsibility, time and research
market size and growth, competitive intensity, entry barriers, political issues, risk assessment, legal, economic, cultural, infrastructure.
Main Product

-Preliminary Screening
-In depth screening
-Final Selection
How Olive Oil is Made
How To Taste Olive Oil
Market Selection
United States
There are three stages in the method of market selection:
Baser have two main competitors:
Don Carlos is the largest Olive Oil company in the world.

All Don Carlos products are sourced from Spain and are completely pure and natural products.

Don Carlos other product range include wine, salt,spices and vinegar.
Filippo Berio is the only independent Italian Olive Oil Producer.

The company is family owned and run since 1867

Filippo Berio has a diversified range of Products including olives and oil including its own range of pesos and vinegars.
The company has potential
Turkish olive oil is produced more cheaply than olive oil made in Spain, Italy and Greece.

Its main brand has a Italian name.

Health Benefits
Turkish olive oil is of a lower quality than Italian or Spanish oils and is generally only used in cooking.
The brand is not widely known like its main competitors.
The company is no longer in business and trademarks have since been cancelled.
1. Website
2. Marketing campaign
3. Factory
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