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Comparison Between Roman and Modern Houses

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amarilis harper

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of Comparison Between Roman and Modern Houses

Comparison Between Roman and Modern Houses Welcome to the the Pompeii Tour enjoy the ride Mr. Heffner
2nd period
Amarilis T. Harper FAUCES: Entrance Hall Modern Home: The Front door into the living room Modern Home: The Living Room.there will be a T.V. and CUBICULUM: The bedroom this is where Roman men and women sleep. The furniture in the cubiculum is a bed and a stand. Atrium: reception hall Modern Houses: Bedroom Fauces: This is where men and women leave in enter someone's home Atrium: where everyone meets and greets. This is a bedroom where we sleep today we have book stands and lamps also dressers to keep our clothes in. TABLINUM: Study this is wear The Roman's talk and get things done for example write documents Modern House: A Study A study in the modern day is an area used for he or she to focus and study Perisytlum were used by Roman men and women to created their gardens. PERISYTLUM: COURT YARD A outdoor courtyard in modern day would be an open space in a mall or college. It's a place where people gather. MODERN HOUSE: OUTSIDE The dinning room was used to eat on. Roman men and women laid down while eating. TRICLINIUM: Dinning Room A dinning room is mainly used for Holidays and special events Modern house CULINA: Kitchen Modern day:Kitchen
men and women find themselves cooking everyday. In this day in time man are cooking just as much as wmen IANUA: Door

this is the front of a Romans home Roman men and women used the Impluvium to caught water from the top of the home IMPLUVIUM: POOL Romans used this area to pray in LARARIUM : domestic shrine Whether you are religious or not you may have a prayer room or closet. Modern Home: Prayer Room Roman men and women had these shops on the side of their houses to make money TABERNAE: Store, Shop, inn In the modern day this would be a home but a store on the side, Many people work out of the home. Modern Day: A Home Store Mainly slaves did the dirty work in the kitchen they cooked and clean. The culina was the slaves area A modern home pool: this is used for fun relaxation and exercise
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