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Copy of Copy of Greeneville City Schools

No description

Angelia Rodriguez

on 15 March 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of Greeneville City Schools

Greeneville City Schools
Family Support Center

Who We Are ~
We, the Family Support Center, are an agency of the Greeneville City School System.

We provide support services to students and families.  
Because sometimes
Because sometimes
children may not have the proper clothing, undergarments, shoes, or outer wear. . . . . we can assist with getting what they need.
Because sometimes
kids and families don't always have access to needed resources they need to be healthy and emotionally strong. . . so we help with mental health and wellness services.
What are those services you ask?
Well. . . . . we assist with almost anything that will help a child be successful while in school and beyond.

Because sometimes
children may not always have all the "necessities" needed like toiletries, health & hygiene items. . . we can assist with these things too.
children may come to school hungry. . . . we provide assistance with food through our on-site food pantry.
families and children need support. . .
Why? Because from time to time
Because sometimes
once we get a child to school it may be hard to keep him there. . . so we help with truancy and attendance issues.
Because sometimes
families are in transition and find themselves without an adequate, regular, and fixed place to live.
Because from time to time
children and families simply need support.

In 2012-2013, the Family Support Center served nearly 700 students and their family members.

As the needs of students and families grow,
so must we

. . . and because of the generous support of the United Way!

Please give
so we can
continue to do so!

We are able to serve our students, families, and community because of generous contributions of local agencies, civic organizations, faith-based organizations, and individuals. . . . .

Because sometimes
The answer is YES!

Stressed out parents most definitely result in stressed out kids.

children don't always have the tools they need to be successful in the classroom
~ When we assist parents we assist children; when we assist children we assist Greeneville City Schools by helping the children come to school ready to learn; and everyone benefits ~
parents may not always have cleaning and household supplies . . . .
We can assist with that too.

We conduct home visits, personal contacts, make presentations, attend meetings and network with local and surrounding area agencies

We are out there in the community --- we are diligently seeking new avenues --- gaining all the knowledge and information we can to help our students, our children,
be successful.

Why? Because we know that we are
better together ~

All grades, All Schools
Contact us. We'd love to tell you more!

Angelia Rodriguez 423.823.5204 or rodrigueza@gcschols.net
312 Floral Street - George Clem

Renee' Pickering 423.798.1734 or
310 Tusculum Blvd - GHS

Because Sometimes
William James said to "act as if what you do makes a difference. It does."
Pre K & Head Start - 12th
All Greeneville City Schools

We also have a great working relationship
with Greene County Schools
Family Resource Center
Edward James shared that "I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I CAN DO SOMETHING. And I will not let what I CANNOT DO interfere with WHAT I CAN DO."
When a route is changed to pick up a child that is homeless, You are helping us help our students and families
When you help make certain a child is certified to receive meals and other needed items, you are helping us help our students and families
You are very
to the work that we do. . .
When you make a referral, a phone call, an email, etc. to the FSC on behalf of a student; when you help get a computer in a student 's home ~ you are helping us help our students and families
Greeneville City Schools
Thank You !
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