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People of the American Revolution

No description

Angela Brazell

on 14 September 2018

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Transcript of People of the American Revolution

People of the American Revolution
Elijah Clarke
Austin Dabney
1. Dabney was a slave who fought in the Battle of Kettle Creek.

2.. Why did Dabney have to fight for the Patriots?
~ his master used Dabney as a substitute to avoid fighting himself

3. What did fellow soldier Giles Harris do for Dabney after Dabney was injured?
~ Giles took Dabney home and cared for him while he recovered

4. How did Dabney repay the Harris family?
~ Dabney worked for them and paid for their son to attend UGA

5. How did Georgia honor Dabney's war service?
~ the state bought his freedom, gave him land, and a pension ($) each month

Pretend you are one of the following people and write a 7 sentence paragraph from their perspective.
This should be written in FIRST PERSON
. Include events, dates, and descriptions. Be prepared to share with the class.
Nancy Hart, Elijah Clarke, Austin Dabney, Button Gwinnett, Lyman Hall, George Walton, or Haitian soldiers at the Siege of Savannah.
Loyalist and Patriots

1. Colonists who opposed the royal government were known as Whigs, Patriots, and Rebels.

2. Colonists who supported Great Britain and the rule of King George III were known as Loyalists or Tories.

1. Was Lieutenant Colonel Clarke a Patriot of a Loyalist?
~ Patriot

2. Which battle, taking place in Georgia, did he lead?
~ Battle of Kettle Creek

3. Who did Clarke defeat?
~ Loyalist troops (loyal to King George III)

4. After the war, what 3 things did Elijah Clarke do?
~ tried to create his own country (the Trans-0conee Republic)
~ was involved in the Yazoo Land Fraud
~ tried to invade East Florida
Nancy Hart
1.Was Nancy Hart a Loyalist or a Patriot?
~ a Patriot

2. What brave action did she do?
~ captured and killed several loyalist soldiers who invaded her cabin

3. What nickname did she earn?
~ war woman

4. How did Hart help the Patriot cause?
~she was a patriot spy and perhaps fought at the Battle of Kettle Creek

5. How did Georgia honor her patriotism?
~ Hart county was named for her
Button Gwinnett
1. Where did Gwinnett live in the Georgia colony?
~ St. Catherine's Island (former home of Mary Musgrove)

2. In 1776, he attended the Second Continental Congress and signed the Declaration of Independence

3. After returning, he helped to create the Georgia Constitution of 1777

4. Gwinnett challenged Lachlan McIntosh to a dual.

5. What was the result?
~ both men were shot but Gwinnett died from his injuries

6. Why is Gwinnett's signature so valuable today?
~ it is rare because he died shortly after signing the Declaration of Independence

Lyman Hall
1. Where was he born?
~ Connecticut

2. After attending Yale University, he worked as a minister and a doctor.

3. After signing the Declaration of Independence, Hall became governor and helped to establish the University of Georgia

4. How did Geogia honor his patriotism?
~ Hall county is named in his honor

George Walton
1. Walton worked as a lawyer.

2. After signing the Declaration of Independence, how did he help the Patriots?
~ he served in the Georgia militia and was captured by the British

3. After being released as a prisoner of war Walton became governor of Georgia.

4. After serving as Governor, what 3 political positions did he hold?
~ Chief Justice of the Georgia Supreme Court, U.S. Senator, and superior court judge
The Battle of
Kettle Creek
1 Where and when did the battle take place?
~ February 14, 1779 in the back country of Georgia

2. Who led the Patriots to victory?
~ Elijah Clarke and Thomas Dooley

3. Why was the battle important?
~ it gave the patriots needed supplies and a morale
boost. First Patriot victory in Georgia.
The Siege of
1. When did this battle take place?
~ 1778
2. Who recaptured Savannah in that year?
~ the British
3. There were "two-Georgias". The cities were controlled by the British and the backcountry was controlled by the Patriots.
4. Who helped the Patriots in trying to reclaim Savannah from the British?
~ the French
5. Did the Patriots retake Savannah from the British?
~ no
6. The Patriots and the French suffered 800 losses while the British lost only 18 soldiers.
7. Which 3 groups/people stood out as heroes in the Siege of Savannah?
~ William Jasper, Haitian soldiers, and Count Casmir Pulaski

Nancy Hart
"War Woman"
Record 2 Facts in your video log
Savannah Under Siege
Record 2 facts in your video log
Today's Agenda
Open: Georgia Stories, "Mordecai

Work Interactive Prezi
Session: Read-Aloud & Questions

Close: "I am" a person from the
Revolution paragraph and

"I am" paragraph
First sentence: "I am _________"
Mordecai Shefthall
Video Logs
Record at least 2 facts to share with the class.
Please read one paragraph and then call on someone else to read
Use the reading material provided to answer the questions on pages 5 and 6 of your notes packet
We will go over your answers as a class
SS8H3 The
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