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Think Wide Open

No description

kate petralia

on 22 January 2018

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Transcript of Think Wide Open

Think Wide Open
Singing is a big part of camp. While I am in choir, singing alone has never been something I'm comfortable with. This summer I branched out and taught my cabin a song without the support of a fellow staff member or camper
For the past nine summers I have been attending YMCA Camp Collins, this past summer I got to work there. At camp, one of the things we strive to teach our campers is how to use a growth mindset. When I hear Think Wide Open I immediately think of the growth mindset which makes me think of camp. Camp is also somewhere that I learned to not only have a growth mindset but also an open mindset. I have been met with many new and exciting opportunities and without having said yes I don't know where I'd be today.
This was the hardest week of my life. This cabin challenged me in ways that I never saw coming. But throughout the week through advice given by my unit director things got better and I walked away with incite I used the rest of the summer.
One week at campfire I was asked to compete in the turkey games. Knowing it was going to be in front of all of campfire I said yes even though I was nervous about participating, I ended up winning and it is one of my prouder accomplishments.
The challenge course is a big part of camp. It is the biggest user of challenge by choice and a place where I saw myself grow the most over my nine years. I used to be afraid of heights, this challenge course is where I concurred that and found a love for high adventure. It is somewhere that we encourage campers to push themselves but also recognize that personal limits exist for a reason.
This week I was scheduled to mountain bike four times in three days. I'm not a mountain biker but I made it work. By the third ride I could no longer sit on the bike and everything just hurt. Knowing that at that point in time I couldn't ride a fourth time I asked for help. My Unit Director was super understanding and took the ride for me.
Camp is a place that encourages people to come as they are. The hat I'm wearing in this photo I wore all week because I lost odds. This week reminded me that truly welcoming places do exist you just have to find them.
Many of my closest friends have come from camp. Most of them are also people I otherwise wouldn't have known and may not have gotten along with. Here I learned that you can find connections with anyone, you just have to try.
My cabin painted this to attract pollinators as a service project. Their excitement to give back made me excited and I could not be happier with the finished product.
Every Monday we have a camp dance. This was another thing I had a lot of reservations about. As staff not only did we have to dance with campers but also perform the staff dance. Over the years as I found my comfort level I grew to love the dances and the staff dance has become my favorite part. It's almost fitting that this years dance was to Try Everything from Zootopia
Camp taught me that you can never be too silly. Sometimes things may seem beneath you but a willingness to just go with it and do whatever is what cane make life so fun. At least, in my opinion.
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