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My transformation from the depths of Alcoholism to Recovering Alcoholic

A visual journey of my progress and expierence in the Drug Court program.

Kassandra Downing

on 18 December 2012

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Transcript of My transformation from the depths of Alcoholism to Recovering Alcoholic

September 8, 2011 Jerry was born! December 19, 2011 Left baby's daddy. </3 March 1, 2012 Alcohol Skills Meetings (cc) photo by medhead on Flickr Support
System Caffine
Cigarettes How I've stayed sober Thank You Drug Court! Went to Rehab with Jerry June 6, 2011 Entered Drug Court 229-1447 before 11am
DAILY How I spend my time clean and sober now. What I hope for in the future. My transformation from the depths of alcoholism to recovering alcoholic. Jerry Oh S%$#, I'm pregnant..
Again.. Found out April 20th, 2011 And Graduated! November 7, 2011 Ultimately why I wanted the drug court program. Simply because I am not the person I want to be when I drink and I had known for a long time "just quitting" wasn't an option for me. I had tried and wanted very badly to not be dependent on alcohol but didn't have the willpower or skills I needed to succeed. In some of my many stays in the Douglas County Jail I had come into contact with drug court clients and had made my mind up I wanted what they had to offer. By the grace of god I was given the opportunity it has changed and saved my life. reference But wait! There's more! I relapsed... :'( I lost custody of my son... His father moved to WASHINGTON... I havn't seen Jerry in months, my appeal got denied... I havn't seen my daughter in a year, she'll be 4 in May 2013... and went to jail... I've relapsed and was PV'ed 3 times since June Sometimes it feels like I have all the reason in the world to drink. But I'm out of jail now, I'm going to meetings and working with my sponsor. I'm working the steps and out of the Big Book so I can learn how to accept the hand I've been dealt. The Truth is... I made these decisions and these are my consequences.
I make it one day at a time. I am a firm believer everything
happens for a reason and this is my higher powers will for me.
:-) It actually started like this. I was 7 my dad went to prison
for 11 years. My sister pasted away when I was 11. I started to "self injure" all through my teen years. I left junior high because
I refused to be bullied any longer..
:-( I started attending Phoenix High
I tested outside of 12th grade levels my first day
I was put in class with the seniors
I was 13... I made a lot of friends.
For the first time in my life. They all used drugs and alcohol.
I didn't care for the drugs.
One night, I got drunk.
And I LOVED it.. I got pregnant at 17 </3
I wasn't ready at all to have a baby
I was really scared... The next few years past and I had no idea I was an alcoholic.
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