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Medieval European Government

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on 28 July 2014

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Transcript of Medieval European Government

Medieval European Government
Standard 7.6.5
Know the significance of developments in medieval English legal and constitutional practices and their importance in the rise of modern democratic thought and representative institutions (e.g., Magna Carta, parliament, development of habeas corpus, an independent judiciary in England).
Government Before Medieval Times
people depended on a patronage system.
This was when a noble Roman organized a group of less wealthy/powerful men and in return looked after their interests.
Men would temporarily let other people use part of their land in return for services.
Both of these practices were used in Medieval Europe .
Important Changes in Government
Magna Carta
Attempt to limit King's power and protect the people's rights
Example: A freeman can only be punished through the "law of the land"
Did not limit the power of the king during the Medieval Period, but it did make people want to start limiting the power of the king.
Habeas Corpus
Independent Judiciary in England
Importance of Medieval Government to the US Government
You will create a revisionist history (in groups of 2-3) where you will explain what the US government would be like if we did not have any influence from Medieval Europe. In your groups you will design a poster and then present your poster to the class. You will discuss how different the US would be if we did not have any influence from Medieval Europe. Be creative and have fun!

Find 3 things (ideas, documents, etc) from Medieval Europe that influenced our modern Europe government.
Explain how these ideas have affected out modern US government.
Write an alternate history about what our government would look like if these ideas had never existed.
Formal directions (with the assessment sheet) will be handed out in class.
Magna Carta- 1215
Parliament- 1236
Habeas Corpus
Independent judiciary in England- 1178
Magna Carta
Believed to have inspired the creation of the US Constitution.
Similar to the Legislative (Law-Making) branch of the US government.
Habeas Corpus
There must be a legal justification for someone to be imprisoned.
Independent Judiciary System in England
Judges should rule based on what they think is right and not let the decision be based on bribes, common belief, or what other branches of the government thinks.
Term first used in 1236
First used as a group of advisers to the king.
Eventually representatives from each town/city would be a part of the parliament, to make sure everyone had a voice.
39th clause of the Magna Carta states:
"No freemen shall be taken or imprisoned or disseised or exiled or in any way destroyed, nor will we go upon him nor send upon him, except by the lawful judgment of his peers or by the law of the land."
Determines if a person is lawfully imprisoned.
People cannot just be put in jail because someone wants them there
There must be a legal basis for someone to be in prison
Example: breaking a law
Changed over time.
First the assisted the King in making decisions in cases.
Eventually would decided on verdict on their own (without the King).
The Judicial System should not be influenced by other parts of the government.
Judges should not accept bribes of any kind (payments made by people to have the judge rule in their favor).
Judges were dismissed (fired) if they were thought to have accepted bribes.
Log into your Socrative account
Find out classroom: MsWalderHistory
Take the comprehension quiz
What are some of the benefits of limiting the King's power over the people?

Why is is important that there are representatives from all the towns? What happens if there are no representatives?
If someone stole bread (which is against the law) can they be put in prison?
If a noble does not like someone (they said something mean about the noble), can the noble send the person to prison?
Why or why not?
What is the danger of having a judge who will accept bribes?
Which of the changes is the most important to the US government? Why?
Population of Medieval Europe
When we look at the set up of feudalism, we can see that the majority of people fell in the peasant and serf sections.
What does this tell us about the possible treatment of peasants and serfs?
Creation of the Magna Carta and Parliament
Recap of the Middle Ages
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