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Beliefs sbout suffering and life after death Judaism

Storys about what happends when you die according to Judaism.

destinee aviado

on 4 March 2011

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Transcript of Beliefs sbout suffering and life after death Judaism

Here is where My story begins of life and death. I had drew his own paintings for children, schools, and other places to inspire people through life. I am 45 years old,who was an artist for a living.I would donate pictures witch had meanings to life.They would get donated to children, schools, and other places. I did what i had to do to help myself i had tooken other peoples paintings to inherit more money for myself on top of the money i recieve for my paintings. The Choices i had made were really bad.I have lost trust for him and do not care.I stole from people. I died in a intense car crash, because the road was really busy and everyone was driving crazy. i blame God for everything. Why do we go through this for him.Is this really whats happening now. The good deeds i had done have helped other people in life situations. After i had stollen other artists pictures, i met a guy named Seth. We discussed about the holocost, and our relationship with God.To us god is no man, and has no gender. I do not believe in God because of what he did to us in the holocost. You have to believe in God, he was not the one who did this to us. It was the people. He did not do this to punish us. Well I am starting to feel guilty about what i have done, but i think we have to suffer to get great reward.I had thought it was a punishment to those who had sinned, such as me.
The sins i have committed i am starting to feel guilty. I will go to God for forgiveness on Yumm Kuppor. The whole day i will spend there pleading for forgiveness. I Am sorry for what i have done, and i do feel bad for everything, will you please except my appology? The things you have done have hurt other people in the process. You have broken the ten commandments. After i forgiven you, all the things of the ten commandments cannot be commited anymore. I will forgive you. You came to me when you needed too relieve your sins. I did not put you through the holocost, i am no man, i am no person. You will have to show me you are worthy of me forgiving you. I have broken trust with yous but i can forgive you for the sins you have done.
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