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Aya Alaa - Defense Mechanisms

Defense Mechanisms

Aya Taalab

on 11 December 2012

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Transcript of Aya Alaa - Defense Mechanisms

Defense Mechanisms Causes Common types of
Defense Mechanisms When the person can’t solve his problem he immediately unconsciously give it wrong explanations (Defense Mechanisms) to escape from it.
Avoid being stressed. How to avoid being exposed to the negative effects awareness of what defense mechanisms they are using.
Confront problems.
facing the reality not escaping from it.
Asking others to recognize our “defense mechanisms” sometimes we can’t realize our behavior.
Consulting a psychologist. Positive Effects Negative Effects Aya Alaa MCM Denial Displacement Projection Rationalization Reaction Formation Repression Humor people’s mental unconscious behavior
to cope with Anxiety and distress. Outline Types of Defense Mechanisms
Positive Effects
Negative Effects
How to avoid being exposed to the negative effects What is
"Defense Mechanisms" Refusal to accept reality. say the opposite of what you feel to be less stressed The End Thank you for your listening
any questions ??? Reduce anxiety.
help people adapt with their problems & painful situations. smokers may refuse to admit that smoking is bad for their health. a man gets angry at his boss, can’t express it for fear of being fired. He instead goes home & argue with his wife. You are mad at someone then u think that he's the one mad at you. making excuses to justify unacceptable behavior. A student watches TV instead of studying, saying that "more study won't do any good anyway." hating your boss at work while u act like the opposite fearing of losing your job. What do u do when you are stressed ??? Placing anger u feel on someone else Keeping stressful thoughts and feelings buried in the unconscious mind u lose ur job u joke about it with ur friends
u express & dealing with ur bad feelings
you are not denying it Overuse cause mental illness.
prevent people from facing reality.
don’t solve the problems.
make you blame others for your mistakes. child abused by a parent later, he can't remember these events, but has trouble forming relationships.
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