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Family and Relationships in Ancient Athens

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emily veach

on 18 January 2016

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Transcript of Family and Relationships in Ancient Athens

Family and Relationships in Ancient Athens
Men in Athens
Most Athenian males attended school until the age of 18
Family Life
Family Life in Athens lived in similar ways that we do
Female Life
Women were not treated as poorly as slave, but were treated worse than men
Slavery in Athens was a common occurrence, and was seen as normal
Women often got married at a young age to an older man
("Ancient Greek Family" n.pag.).
Many families tried for children until a male was born
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Although, it was common to limit family size, which can often lead to absence of male heirs
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Male heirs would inherit his fathers phratry along with his property
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("Family in Athens" n.pag.).
("Ancient Greek Women in Athens" n.pag.).
Women often married their first or second cousin
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"Gamos" were celebrations were held to honor women passing from her father to husband
("Ancient Greek Women in Athens" n.pag.).
It was normal for more than just the married couple to live in each household
("Ancient Greek Households" n.pag.).
After marriage, a newly wedded wife would be eager to fulfill her duties as a mother
("Ancient Greek Women in Athens" n.pag.).
Athenian families held celebraions for the newborn child
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("Family in Athens" n.pag.).
In order to become an Athenian citizen, a male must serve two years in the Athenian army
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Rights of a Male Citizen
Men in Ancient Greece had many more rights than other people in Athens
("Greek Society" n.pag.).
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Emily Veach, Tori Page, Garrett Stone, Gavin Green
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