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World Hunger 101 with 7th graders

No description

Jasmine Qonja

on 1 June 2016

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Transcript of World Hunger 101 with 7th graders

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World Hunger
Work Cited Page

Hunger is not only a problem for underdeveloped countries, but developed countries, too.
People cannot just stop being hungry.
Over 800 million people are going hungry.
More and more people go hungry everyday.
Many people are being force fed because of a Hunger Strike.
What's the problem?
History and Background
Who: Hunger affects adults and kids all around the world.
What: Hunger is our main focus.
When: Hunger has been a problem for thousands of years.
Where: Hunger is a problem all around the world especially in Africa.
Why: Hunger is a problem because it kills thousands of people each day.
How: When someone is hungry their body will start to shut down and will eventually kill them.
What kids in the world look like from hunger
the Solution
Starvation has been going on all over the world and has for many years.

This is a big issue in the world and we need to fix it.
How we helped is we are made a hat
day to raise money to give to Kids Against Hunger. Every dollar counts, help
kids around the world get food every day
the more we help the less starvation there is around the world.
This is what hunger looks like
Help these kids
By: Erin Brown, Anna-Lise Buckman, Sophia Lack, Jasmine Qonja
Around 200 million children under the age of 5 in poor countries aren't developing properly. There are not enough nutrients in their food.
Research Part 2
We tried to contact The Kids Against Hunger Coalition and we couldn't speak to anyone. Then we looked for an email address and there wasn't one.
So we did some research instead.

Some of the information we found was-
Since the fall of 2004 there has been over 14 million meals packaged by the Kids Against Hunger Coalition. Amazingly, this year 1.8 million meals have been packaged out of the 14 million meals.
Kids Against Hunger Coalition is the program we are donating all the money to. This program send food packages all over the world.
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