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this is a summary of a book

Ray Stone

on 16 September 2013

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Hannalee and Jem had finally reached there hometown Roswell. They wated until daybreak to go up to the house. Since there house was burned down they went to Rosellen's aunt Marilla's house. They heard a baby crying in the house. They knew that their Mother was there because they heard crying and she had just given birth to a new child. "If the baby was up Mom is bound to be awake." , Hannalee said. They went up to the house door and knocked. Marilla answered the door and asked "what do you kids want?" Hannalee asked if the Widow Reed lived there. Marilla said "yes she does, who wants to know about her?" Hannalee was extremely happy when she learned that her mother was in the house. "Mrs. Sanders, I'd thank you kindly if you'd give this to the Widow Reed. Tell her that her girl has brought something hometo her that she gave her last summer." , said Hannalee. Then Mrs. Marilla's face changed as she relized that Hannalee and Jem came home. Mrs. Marilla told them that their mother gave birth to a girl and she named her Paulina. After they talked a little more Mrs. Marilla went upstairs and then there came crying "Hannalee, Jem, Hannalee, Jem."their mother exclaimed. Then Hannalee and Jem thundered up the stairs and gave their Mom a huge hug. All their Mama could say was " Oh my god. Thank you lord." Finally their Mother asked "How'd you get loose from the Yankees?", she asked. Jem said that they escaped. Then their Mother said "Now if only Davy was here my joyfulness will be complete!" That sent a chill up Hannalee's spine. Then Paulina started crying and Hannalee put her in her Mom's lap and she stoped crying and looked at Hannalee and smiled. When Hannalee and Jem went down stairs to let their Mom get dressed Mrs. Marilla asked "Where's Rosellen why didn't she come home too?" Hannalee told her that she is still in Indiana. Then Mrs. Marilla asked what she was doing up there. Hannalee told her simply that she was working in a Yankee mill or else that they would put her in jail. After a few more questions she said "then Rosellen will come home and marry up with your brother Davy?" That made Hannalee and Jem go silent. Then their Mom came downstairs and Hannalee changed the subject as fast as possible by asking her mom a question."What'll we do now that we're all here? If there are still Yankees about will we have to hide out?" Her mother said that she wondered about that and since none of the mill hands have come back before the war has ended. Then Hannalee asked if the Yankees had opened up any of the mills. Her Mother said no and that Mrs. Marilla was a saint from heaven. The Yankees let her keep her place and her garden and chickens. The next few months were hard. They didn't have enough to eat and Jem and Hannalee had to look for work and did not get much. Sometimes they would get a penny or two from helping a Yankee and they would be able to get a few supplies from the store. Sometimes they dug up root vegetables that people overlooked. Hannalee and Jem fished in Vickery's creek. About a month late there was a knock on the door. Then Davy walked in! He was extremely thin. Hannalee noticed that his arm was missing! Finally the family is all together. THE END
Hannalee is a twelve year old girl who live in
Roswell ,Georgia during the days of the civil war.
She lives with her Mother and her younger brother Jem.Her older brother Davy is in the confederate army. In chapter one Hannalee is awakened by Davy and his girlfriend Rosellen Sanders arguing . Her mother is awakened also and asks Hannalee to fetch her some water. While she is at the pump she sees the scarlet flare of the cannons and her brother Davy says the war is getting closer to Roswell.
In chapter Two of Turn Homeward Hannalee
the Yankees round up all of the mill hands including Hannalee Reed, Jem Reed, and Rosellen Sanders. All of the mill hands are accused of treason for making the confederate gray. The mill hands are trapped in the town square by Yankees. Rosellen, Jem, and Hannalee find each other and soon discover they will be forced to go to Indiana.


In chapter three of Turn Homeward, Hannalee
Rosellen, Jem, Hannalee, and all of the mill hands are taken to Marietta to wait to be taken to Indiana.In the town square they are treated like prisoners.Then they are taken to a train station and were forced to get on a train that was heading to Nashville.The boys were in one cart and the girls in another one. Soon Rosellen and Hannalee started getting suspicious that the boys including Jem would be taken elsewhere so they cut off Hannalee's braids and sew it on a sun bonnet for Jem to wear as a disguise. Rosellen's suspicions were right. At the train station where the boys would be separated they jammed the sun bonnet on his head and called him a female.

In chapter four of Turn Homeward, Hannalee Rosellen, Jem, and Hannalee arrive in Louisville and are take to a factory. The Yankees found out that Jem is a boy so they took him to work on a farm. Hannalee was devastated! Soon a mill owner took all of the drawing girls to his mill including Rosellen. Now Hannalee is by herself in the factory without her Brother and Rosellen.

In chapter five of Turn Homeward, Hannalee, Hannalee is without Rosellen or Jem in a Yankee factory. She is hoping that a Northerner does not take her and make her their servant. Then a Northern couple named Mr. and Mrs. Fletcher walk up to Hannalee, inspect her and said to a Yankee soldier we'll take her. Then they took Hannalee home with them and made her do a lot of chores. They even changed her name. Mrs.Fletcher is extremely wicked to Hannalee! After a couple weeks Hannalee wants to escape!
In chapter six of Turn Homeward, Hannalee she finally escapes from the Fletchers. While she is traveling on the road it starts getting dark out so she looks for a shed or a barn but she can't find one so she goes into a tree to sleep for the night.While she is in the tree she sees men on horses riding up to the house across from her tree. Three men broke into the house while the nine men stayed outside. The family that lived in the house came out with their hands up. One man said "we've come for your valuables. I mean business or my name isn't William Quantrill. Then the Father tried to say something but someone from the group shot and killed him.Then Hannalee screamed with fear! The group made her get down and Quantrill put a gun to her neck and asked if she was related to the folks he just terrorized.She said no and told him a fake story. He said can you give me a good reason I should not shoot you?Then Hannalee told him the truth and he found out she was a confederate and did not kill her.Then Hannalee continued her quest to get to Rosellen.Later she arrived at were she worked and Rosellen cried with joy. Then Hannalee realized Rosellen was changing and that she was not going home until the war was over.
In chapter seven of Turn Homeward Hannalee, Hannalee is living in a boarding house owned by a lady named Mrs. Burton. She lives with four other girls named Sally, Lizzie, Betty, and Rosellen. People think that Hannalee is a boy named Hannibal. She works at a mill in Indiana as a bobbin boy and Rosellen is a drawing girl. Hannalee is realizing that Rosellen is changing. Rosellen was falling in love with the mill owner Mr. Francis.Then one day after work she sees Rosellen and Mr. Francis going out in a buggy. Then Hannalee realizes that Rosellen might not come home with her. Soon Hannalee packs her bags and leaves to go get Jem from ther farm he worked on.
Mrs. Fletcher shows the character trait in the book of being wicked.
In the book she said to Hannalee "get out of my kitchen and stay out. I don't want my guests to have to look at your
Hannalee shows the character trait of being a quick thinker because in the story she made up this story quickly "I'm on my way to my aunt in Hartford and I got lost.When it got dark I went up a tree for the night. I'm an orphan
Jem shows the character trait of being concerned because he asked
Hannalee "Won't the Yankees in Louisville
be after us?"
Rosellen shows the character trait of being very emotional because
she shouted at Davy "No, you can't say
that to me.You can't say you won't two times,
not again you can't"

William Quantrill shows the character trait of being thief because he yelled
at the family he was robbing ,"We've come for your money and jewelry.
Hannalee shows the character trait of
being fearful because in the story this happened " The fear and horror
of it were too much, and I let out a yelp."
Mr. Carewe shows the character trait of being helpful
because in the book he said to Jem and Hannalee
"Unless you two want to walk, I might be able to take the two of up beside me on the seat"
Mrs. Fletcher shows the character trait of
being hateful. In the book she yelled at
Hannalee "If it wasn't for you rebels starting the war, our Charlie would still be with us!"
In chapter eight of Turn Homeward, Hannalee, Hannalee has run away from the boarding home in search of her little brother Jem. When she arrived in Hartford she immediately went to the post office because Mrs. Burton told her that the people who work at the post office knows were everybody lives. Hannalee asked where the owner of the farm Rufus Hopkins lived and she said "about three miles out." So Hannalee traveled to the farm Jem worked and when she arrived it was dusk so she scanned the farm and saw a barn and slept in it. In the morning when she was awakened by the roosters, Hannalee thought someone has to come to get the eggs. Then Jem stepped out of the whitewashed house with a basket for the eggs. When he entered the barn Hannalee said "Jemmie Reed its me your sister I've come to fetch you away." Then he dropped the eggs and ran up and hugged Hannalee. Hannalee had came at the right time because Hopkins and his daughters went to Hartford so Hannalee would have no trouble helping Jem escape. Soon Jem and Hannalee were walking towards the train station. When they got there Hannalee asked the man behind the ticket window"how far south can we go into the state of Tennessee" and the ticket seller said "that will be to Nashville lad." So Hannalee bought tickets to Nashville and three days after that she arrived in Nashville. At Nashville she saw many Yankee soldiers. She bought a news paper and learned that there would be a big battle soon. They tried to find their troops but they had to go through a Yankee line. While they were going through the Yankee camp they heard a trumpet signal and the soldiers started getting ready for the fight. A Yankee soldier told them they had no time to run and that they should climb a tree. Then the fighting started. It was extremely violent. At one point the fighting got so close to them they had to climb higher. The smoke was so thick it was it choked them. They didn't dare move till the sounds of fighting stopped.
In chapter nine of Turn Homeward, Hannalee , Jem and Hannalee had finally come down from their tree. They inspected the bloody battlefield with horror. Then they saw two Confederate soldiers inspecting a body seeing if the man was dead or not. Hannalee asked who had won the battle. The younger soldier said the Yankees did. Then the older soldier said "Where heck did two Yankee brats sprout from?" Hannalee told them that they were Confederates and that their brother Davy was serving in Virginia. Then the soldier told them the terrible news, the army in Virginia was butchered and that their brother was most likly a dead man. That was when tears sprang to Hannalee's eyes and she grabbed hold of Jems hand and ran. The morning of December 1 Jem and Hannalee had no trouble passing through the Confederate camp. A kind Texan pointed them to the direction. After going a couple miles they stopped by some bushes to rest. Soon they heard a strange rumbling sound. They thought it was thunder since the sky had turned gray but it wasn't thunder...it was a white horse! He was saddled and his reins caught in some tangled roots. He was a CSA cavalry horse. "He must have lost his rider at the fight." , Hannalee thought. They untangled the reins and named him Thunder. They decided to ride him into town so Hannalee could write Rosellen a letter saying that Davy was killed. After she sent the letter, they left town on Thunder. Their third day with Thunder they ran into trouble. They were trotting along in a forest when five mounted Confederate
soldiers came out and made Jem and Hannalee put their hands in the air. They discovered that Thunder was an officer's horse and took Thunder from Hannalee and Jem. They had to walk into the next town. The next morning they got lucky. A peddler came by Hannalee and Jem so Hannalee shouted "hey mister." The peddler asked "were did you came from." Hannalee told him were they had came from and then she asked were he was heading. He said nowhere in particular so Hannalee asked if they could have a ride since he was heading in the direction that Hannalee and Jem were heading. He asked them questions and he let them come. The peddler's name was Lucius Carewe. They traveled with Mr. Carewe going town to town selling goods. Soon Mr. Carewe discovered that Hannalee was a girl and that they had escaped from the Yankees. Later in the chapter Mr. Carewe dropped them off in Atlanta and told them that Roswell was about a thirteen mile walk. Hannalee thanked the man and they were off to Roswell.

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