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No description

Kassie Strayer

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of Autobiography.

Kassie's Birth. Kasandra Strayer Birth Date: Sept. 2nd, 1997

Place of Birth: Munster, Indiana

Hospital: Munster Community Hospital

Time of Birth: 12:12 pm.

Weight: 6lbs 3oz. Family Mother- Judy Louie

Father- Kenny Strayer

Siblings: Gary Strayer Running! Things She Enjoys. Softball Goals in Life When He Was Little Austen Bolante Austen's Brothers fun things he likes do Schools That He Went To. He hopes to go to UTI (Universal Technical Institute).The class is 9 1/2 months. He could also go to Lincoln Technical Institute, the course is in Connecticut to become a auto mechanic. College :) FLORIDA PLACES HE WANTS TO GO TO :P He hopes to become a auto mechanic and own his own shop. He is going to take a business course in college. Austen's Future born in Munster Community hospital on January 19,1998 at 4:00 p.m.
He weighed 10lbs 3oz.
lives in Gary,Indiana When Austen was little he lived in a trailer park on Ridge Road. Then when he turned 4, his parents got divorced and they moved into a house on 41st Avenue. Favorite things to do
ride bikes
playing in band
hanging out with friends
going bowling Best Friends Awkward! Imani Abigayle Deja Austen went to many interesting places in life such as: Wisconsin Dells, Chuck E. Cheese's, and Michigan. Hangs out with my friends during and after school. College: Yale University or Ball State University

Children: 1 boy and 1 girl ; Pheobe Jo and Colton Eli

She wants to get married. Cross Country LONGFELLOW ELEMENTARY LAKE RIDGE MIDDLE SCHOOL CALUMET HIGH SCHOOL Morgan Hardy Born: March 22, 1998 Austen is in the high school band, they are know as the Calumet New Tech Marching Warriors. He plays the Baritone.
:) band is awesome Sac Council ! Interesting Facts Place of birth: Munster Indiana Hospital: Munster community hospital Time: Weight: Debbie Stage Family Josh Babicz Tyler Bolante Ryan Hale Brian. Micky Mccarty Jim Hardy Judy Pakayla Brandon Merrill Kristy Hardy Play Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies Hobbies Future/ After High School Morgan Hardy! Schools Alaska Places id like to visit Friends that's ryan Mom- Barbara Merrill Family When i Was little The SacMaster The SacGod Hero! Bestfriend! The SacLord The SacGirl The SacWizard The OddSac Vampire Diaries Kevin Hart Daniel Tosh Things i enjoy! To become a hairstylist. Morgan's Goals! Florida. Places She'd like to visit. Undecided College she wishes to go to. Family and friends ! Schools Attended Pet! 9 lbs 8oz 2:26 pm Own Her Own Salon Complete highschool and college. California! The university he wants to go to is Indiana State University. CALIFORNIA NEVADA LOUISANA CLASS OF 2016 :D Center Elementry School (Illionis)
Longfellow Elementry School
Grissom Elementry School
Lake Ridge middle School
Edger Middle School (Hammand)
Calumet High School By:Austen Bolante
Presented by:Brandon Merill Remembering Sunday
-All Time Low. Favorite Song ! (: Morgan's Birth. Thank You
For Listening (: Born at Munster Community hospital Born on September 27, 1997 Lives in Gary,In Born at 2:12 Weighed 6 pounds 4 ounces Father- Robert Merrill Siblings- Robert Merrill Jr, Billy Merrill, Britney Merrill, Bart Merrill, Bobbie Jo Merrill, Bradley Merrill and Breanna Merrill Grissom Elementry
Lake Ridge Middle school
Calumet High school Watch Movies (Ted) Hang out with Friends Reggie Favorite Song! Long Hot Summer
~Keith Urban. Amanda Anthony California Antartica Facebook Go to Indiana University Get Married and not have any kids Own my own home and Business Get a degree as a Auto Body Mechanic Be successful Jack Ingram- Barefoot and Crazy Favorite Commercial ! -Pot Hole Commercial. Favorite Song
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