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By: Aimee Waits and Madison Richey

hannah quickle

on 14 May 2015

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Transcript of Cells

Picture of an animal cell
Picture of a plant cell
How many different types of cells are there?
There are around 200 different types of cells.
How many cells do we have?
Guessing based on volume gets you an estimate of 15 trillion cells; estimated by weight and you end up with 70 trillion.
Why do we need cells?
Cells are important because that is what we are made of, without them we would not exist. All living things are made of cells, they’re like tiny building blocks that make up everything that is alive.
Cells: The basic unit of all living things except viruses.
By: Aimee Waits & Madison Richey
Who discovered the first cell?
Remember this please!!!!
Robert Hooke
THE END!!!!!!
What is a cell?
Cells: The basic unit of all living things except viruses.
There will be a activity at the end!!!!!! It is not just any activity it is an awesome one!!!!!
Smoothie Challenge Rules
If you answer a question correctly you can put a food or drink in the blender!
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