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Andrew Carnegie

No description

Dee Bruns

on 6 November 2013

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Transcript of Andrew Carnegie

Andrew Carnegie
one cool cat

Born November 25, 1835
In Dunfermline, Scotland
Immigrated to the US in 1848
He worked his first job when he was 13, at a cotton factory. He started work as a telegraph messenger in 1850 and then co-founded a steel company in 1873.
He was a great philanthropist and gave back to his hometown and family all the time
Died 1919
His remaining 30 million dollars went to charities and foundations.
Carnegie Steel

The company was usually total chaos.
Most of the workers only got paid pennies
nickles a day, because of the lack of
creative labor.

Around the 1880-90's Carnegie Steel experienced major innovations such as an open hearth furnace.
by 1900 Carnegie Steel produced more of the metal than all of Great Britain.
In 1892 The Homestead Strike occurs
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