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Kim Jaejoong

No description

Mahrukh Aziz

on 23 November 2012

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Transcript of Kim Jaejoong

Kim Jaejoong From Asia's most sought after bachelor to an epic singer, divine composer and amateur actor. The Man Himself Fun Things Favorite Quotes by Jaejoong Jaejoong - W Fun Facts Interview with Lotte Magazine Related Links Review of I'll Protect You Overview Jaejoong's other occupations TVXQ And JYJ Brief History Kim Jaejoong, born Han Jaejun on February 4th, 1986 but later given up for adoption, is a South Korean singer-songwriter, composer, actor and director. Also commonly recognized by his stage name Hero, which a fortuneteller foretold several years before his debut, he is best known as a current member of JYJ, a Korean pop group, and one of the original members of TVXQ, who are often dubbed Asia's Stars. TVXQ or DBSK, which is an acronym for Dong Bang Shin Ki which translates into the "Rising Gods of the East" is a South Korean boy band that debuted in 2003 under SM Entertainment as a 5 member boy band, consisting of Yunho, Changmin, Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu. The group is undoubtedly one of Asia's most successful acts due to their immense contribution to Korean and Japanese pop. They even appeared in the Guinness World Book of Records for having the world's largest official fan club, Cassiopeia and in 2009 for being the Most Photographed Celebrities in the World. They are also well known for making history several times in Oricon, the second largest music market in the world. Despite their extensive fame and success, the latter three later sued their agency in 2009, and in result forming JYJ in 2010 under another label while the remaining members continued as "the power duo."In TVXQ Jaejoong served as the lead vocal as he does in JYJ, and carried out the role of the "big brother" with the leader, Yunho. JYJ who have managed to catch the attention of the media oversees, has Jaejoong playing the unofficial role of the leader. Asides from TVXQ and JYJ, Jaejoong has worked on solo activities in various areas. He has composed and written over 20 recorded songs, some prominent hits including Wasurenaide, Bolero, Kiss the Baby Sky for Tohoshinki's (TVXQ in Japanese) for their fourth studio album, The Secret Code. Jaejoong has also sang for several movie and drama soundtracks, some in which he even starred in. Jaejoong's first official drama in which he starred in as the lead male was Protect the Boss, which was a commercial success in Korea and surrounding countries. He then went on to portray the tragic character of Kyung Tak in Dr. Jin, a television drama, in which critics praised his acting skills. Jaejoong made his debut in the big screens on November 9th, 2010 with the dark comedy, Jackal is Coming in which he played the role of a rather notorious superstar who is kidnapped by a less then intelligent women assassin. Even before the film's release, the distributor announced that the movie had been pre-sold to six countries, all in which are known to have a huge fan base for Kim Jaejoong himself. It’s not every day that one gets to see a devastatingly handsome man who can sing too. Sparing you from unleashing my inner Jaejoong enthusiast full-fledgedly, thank goodness the endearing lead vocalist got some sort of a solo this year or hell would’ve been raised. “I’ll Protect You” is sung by Kim Jaejoong of JYJ for the drama, Protect the Boss, in which he starred in. However, it doesn’t come off entirely as a flamboyant Korean ballad soundtrack with the necessary complied emotions and the oh, so, cheesy lines we’ve heard one too many times. It has character, depth, and the ability to actually stand apart from the drama itself. “I’ll Protect You” is a versatile smooth and languid song, courtesy of Jaejoong’s voice that is the epitome of smoothness, something along the lines of milk chocolate. The melodic flexibility of his voice allowed him to slip in and out of the song with a flowing technique and uniqueness, allowing the listener space to breathe and take in the lushness, whimsy sweet undertone of the track. His voice which ranged from a lulling vibrato to an assertive powerful tone in the song captured the audience with the passionate melodies. Accompanied by a generic piano, some canned drums and the guitar, Jaejoong starts out simple and he keeps that tone for majority of the song. Even when the instruments gradually flare- his vocals don’t and he keeps a perfect pitch. However, near the end which everything leads up to, he belts out gorgeous high notes which are left to linger freely. Instead of his breaths sounding unprofessional, it adds to his over-the-top technique where the listeners are left just as breathless. If it hasn’t already been made clear, the song “I’ll Protect You” was a notable track sung by a learned and lively voice, leaving the listeners with the strong yet undeniable presence of Jaejoong. 1.To which city did Jaejoong travel to audition for SM Entertainment?
2.Jaejoong was one of the original members of the following group:
b)Dong Bang Shin Ki
d)All of the above
3.Jaejoong was:
a)Abandoned at birth
b)Given up for adoption
c)Orphaned at a young age
d)None of the above
4.Jaejoong left TVXQ to form:
5.Jaejoong sang what song for Protect the Boss:
a)The Boss Protected
b)Protect Me
c)We’re Protected
d)I’ll Protect You
6.Jaejoong’s birth name was:
a)Han Jaejun
b)Kim Jaejun
c)Han Jaejoong
d)Kim Jejung Jaejoong's Record Label Site:
JYJ's official Youtube Channel
JYJ's main fan site
www.facebook.com/pages/Jaejoong-Kim/15082772758Cached - Similar
Daily Coverage on Jaejoong
•He once attempted in participating in a All You Can Drink Coke Contest and fainted from the overload, which resulted in him developing a phobia of coke.
•Jaejoong admitted to having naturally very little armpit hair to the extent where he tried to shave it to make it grow plentifully, but failed.
•During his trainee days in SM Entertainment, he donated blood to receive free cookies because that was how desperate for food he was.
•Jaejoong has a total of 11 piercings throughout his body.
•He has a tattoo on his upper back which reads TVFXQ Soul.
•He can’t wink to save his life.
•Won “Best Face” in a SM Entertainment competition.
•He has “0126 0204” tattooed in roman numerals on his lower back, representing his birthday.
•He has “Always Keep the Faith’” tattooed on his upper chest because he desires to protect what he believes in.
•He also has "Deferto Neminem” (Accuse no man, Shakespeare’s Hamlet) engraved right about his “Always Keep the Faith” tattoo.
•Jaejoong is often mistaken as girl, attractive girl mind you, by both males and females, much to his dismay.
•Kim Jaejoong was named “The Sexiest Man in the World” by Peruvian Magazine Privilege, 2011. Born in Gonju, South Korea to a single mother, Jaejoong, was put up for adoption at a young age. The only boy and the youngest of eight sisters, the Kim's took him in and hence, his name. 15, Jaejoong moved to Seoul, the capital city by himself to take part in the auditions for SM Entertainment, a prestigious record label, in hopes of one day becoming a respected singer. He was accepted in 2001 and worked odd jobs to finance him as a trainee and student. Early Life TVXQ as 5 JYJ The man himself, Kim Jaejoong sat down with Lotte Magazine to have a little chat about what the superstar is currently up to.
The interviewer asked Jaejoong, “Your recently premiered movie, Jackal is Coming, is already gaining a lot of positive interest from both viewers and critics. How did you feel both after and before?”
After a momentary pause, he shortly replied, “I wasn’t nervous.”
He continued, “I honestly couldn’t have been more thankful for each and every one who has watched the movie. We’ve put in a lot of effort, both the staff and the crew, and the amazing response just makes me overwhelmed but reminds me once again of how blessed I am.”
The interviewer joked, “We bet half of the theater consisted mainly of your personal fans.”
To that, he chuckled and replied, “My fans are undoubtedly amazing, and in moments like this I truly feel honored and humbled. Of course, I feel very proud at the same time too.”
The interviewer then asked, “You were filming both Dr.Jin and the movie at the same time. How did that hold up for you?”
The singer-actor smiled sheepishly and said, “I would be lying if I said I wasn’t frustrated and dead tired at times, juggling two huge projects. But then I told myself I was lucky enough to even have been offered them alone given circumstances, and so I pushed myself to work harder.” He paused, chuckled and added, “The snacks sent from my fans definitely helped along the way.”
He was then asked, “How do you feel about playing the character, Choi Hyun? Since you are a superstar both in real life and on screen, were there any resemblances or episodes that occurred during filming?”
Breathing in a heavy sigh, Jaejoong said, “Thank you and yes, in the beginning, really, there was no acting as I was just being me. However when my character gets kidnapped, I had to put my acting skills to action.”
“It was in a way, sort of a time for me to reflect on my past and career. Although there were some intense emotional scenes, I ended up shedding a few tears, which wasn’t in the original script because it brought back all those memories that I’ve jarred in over the years.”
The interviewer then asked, “Both your fellow members Junsu and Yoochun also have individual activities. There must be overlap between all your schedules.”
Jaejoong then replied with a smile, “Definitely. Junsu in taking on his World Tour while Yoochun is currently working on his drama, so there are times when we’re competing.”
He laughed and then added, “But it’s a healthy type of competiveness, we gain strength and motivation from each other.”
The interviewer then went on to ask, “So when can we expect something from all three of you together?”
He replied, “We are currently preparing our new album which will be released in the first half of next year.” Quiz Time! Answers 1. C
10.D 7. Jaejoong made his big screen debut with:
a) Protect the Boss
b) Jackal isn’t Coming
c) Dr.Jin
d) Jackal is Coming
8. Jaejoong was:
a) Nervous when filming his movie
b) Not nervous when filming his movie
c) He was not interested when filming his movie
d) He was excited that he filmed a rather provocative scene
9. In his movie Jaejoong plays:
a) The character of Jaejoong
b) A notorious superstar
c) The clumsy kidnapper
d) A janitor
10. Jaejoong first debuted with TVXQ in:
e) 2001
f) 1999
g) 2005
h) 2003 “No matter how hard life is, you are your own architecture. If you give up then there’s no one that can help you, but if you want to keep building your future, then no one can stop you either.” Jaejoong's Final Farewell
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