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The Chilean Mine Collapse of 2010

This is my research project.

Caitlyn Dog

on 8 January 2013

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Transcript of The Chilean Mine Collapse of 2010

When did this disaster occur? The Chilean Mine Collapse of 2010 Where did this disaster occur? This event happened deep within Chile's San Jose Copper mine. Why did this natural disaster occur? The mine collapsed because the roof of the mine had so many places with loose rocks. This was caused by people mining copper there for thousands of years. How could this disaster have been avoided? This mine collapse could have been avoided if all the miner's had evacuated. Some people said they knew the mine was going to collapse. These people could habe warned the miner's, and prevented such a stressful and heartbreakimg event. What can we learn from this disaster for the future? We can learn that if someone knows something dangerous is going to occur, that they should warn those whom it will effect. We can also learn from this event that through patience, endurance, faith, and rationalization that we as a people can survive through hard times. In Conclusion... This event showed how much the world truly does care. When the miners were finally rescued on October 13, 2010, the world watched with pure joy as each miner, one by one, was rescued. A True Miracle It was truly a miracle that all the miners ended up surviving the mine collapse. Works Cited Images of the mine rescue in Chile. 2010. ABC Inc., Philadelphia. Web. 17 Dec 2012. <http://abclocal.go.com/wpvi/gallery?section=news/national_world&id=7721963&photo=1>.

Marcia, Amidon Lusted. The Chilean Miners' Rescue. North Mankato: ABDO, 2012. Print. All 33 Miners Works Cited By: Kaitlin Evans Preston, Rohan. "Twin Cities' Chilean-Americans
watch rescue with pride, praise." (2010): n.pag.
EBSCOHost. Web. 13 Dec 2012.

Stromberg, Joseph. "The Capsule That Saved the Chilean Miners - The Natural History
museum offers an inside look at the dramatic
rescue of men trapped half a mile underground
in a Chilean copper mine." Smithsonian 1 Jan.
2012, Arts-Culture: NewsBank. Web. 13 Dec.
2012. Works Cited Brown, Emily, and Kate Patterson. "Chile's rescued
miners." News »World (2010): n.pag. USA TODAY.
Web. 18 Dec 2012. The Names of the 33 Miners THE END Thank you!!! 1. Florencio Avalos
2. Mario Sepulveda Espina 3. Juan Illanes
4. Carlos Mamani
5. Jimmy Sanchez
6. Osman Isidro Ayara
7. Jose Ojeda
8. Claudio Yanez
9. Mario Gomez
10. Alex Vega
11. Jorge Galleguillos 12. Edison Pina
13. Carlos Barrios
14. Victor Zamora
15. Victor Segovia
16. Daniel Herrera
17. Omar Reygadas
18. Esteban Rojas
19. Pablo Rojas
20. Dario Segovia
21. Johnny Barrios Rojas
22. Samuel Avalos Names of the 33 Chilean Miners continued... 23. Carlos Bugueno
24. Jose Henriquez
25. Renan Avalos
26. Claudio Acuna
27. Franklin Lobos
28. Richard Villaroel
29. Juan Carlos Aguilar
30. Raul Bustos
31. Pedro Cortez
32. Ariel Tacona
33. Luis Alberto Uruza This disaster happened on August 5, 2010 when a copper mine collapsed. 33 miners would be forced to endure enclosed spaces and blistering heat.
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