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Christopher Columbus vs. Zheng He

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nicole cohen

on 3 March 2014

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Transcript of Christopher Columbus vs. Zheng He

Christopher Columbus vs. Zheng He
Country / Dynasty They Sailed For
Background Information -
Christopher Columbus
He was born before October 31, 1451
Background Information -
Zheng He
Born 1371
Overall, we think Christopher Columbus was the greater mariner because he discovered new lands that no one on the eastern coast of the world knew about. Without him, we don't know where we would be right now and he was able to create a lot of new land for the rest of the world to live on.
Country of Origin
Christopher Columbus was born in Italy
Zheng He was born in China
Christopher Columbus sailed for Spain
Zheng He sailed for the Ming Dynasty
He was a Roman Catholic
Was very interested in the Bible and the teachings of the Bible and wanted to spread Christianity
Died May 20, 1506
Born a Muslim
Built mosques where he traveled too
Dominant faith in adulthood was Tianfei which is believing in the god of sailors
Great knowledge about warfare and well accustomed to battle
Died 1433
Number of Fleets
Christopher Columbus - 4
Zheng He - 7
Landed in the Bahamas, then the northeast coast of Cuba, Hispaniola, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic
Back in Spain March 1493
Information About Fleets -
Christopher Columbus
Voyage 1
Left Spain in August 1492 with 3 ships - Santa Maria, Pinta, Nina
Left Spain in September 1493
Went to Dominica, Guadalupe, Antigua, Puerto Rico, and the southern coast of Cuba
Landed back in Spain in August 1494
Had 17 ships
Information About Fleets -
Christopher Columbus
Voyage 3
Left in May 1498
Discovered South America
Went to Venezuela and Trinidad
Became sick so had to go back to Spain in August
Information About Fleets -
Christopher Columbus
Voyage 2
Information About Fleets -
Christopher Columbus
Voyage 4
Left May 1502
Went to Jamaica, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama
He had 4 ships
Went back to Spain April 1503
Information About Fleets -
Zheng He
Had many ships
Visited Brunei, Thailand, Southeast Asia, India, Horn of Africa, and Arabia
Everywhere he traveled he gave gifts of gold, porcelain, silk, and silver in return for animals like zebras, and camels and ivory
Information About Fleets -
Zheng He
Defeated many pirates including one of the greatest ones, Chen Zuyi
In 1424 Chinese Emperor died and his successor Hongxi stopped the voyages during his reign
When Hongxi's son was in power, Zheng He made one more voyage but that was the last one
Christopher Columbus's Voyages
Zheng He's Voyages
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