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Paraguay the Myths and the Legends

No description

Bruno Doria

on 4 April 2011

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Transcript of Paraguay the Myths and the Legends

What is a Paraguay? Where is Paraguay? Exogamy Tau Kerana THE SEVEN LEGENDAY MONSTERS Bruno Doria
the seven legendary monsters Paraguay The Spirit of Evil
Princess of the Guarani tribe
Arasy Teju Jagua god of the cavern and fruit means lizard- Dog
The first of the seven monsters
Seven dog heads and the body of an alligator
ate fruits and honey Mboi Tu’I The second son
Translates to "snake-parrot"
A harmful look
Patrols & Protects
Protector god of bodies of water and aquatic animals Moñai god of open fields The third son
Serpent-like body
Lord of the air
Fond of stealing
The Townspeople joined to put an end to Moñái's misdeeds Jasy Jaterei god of siesta Nicknamed
The fourth son
The elf of the nap
Golden walking stick
Can transform into a bird
Casts a spell on the children The Protector of the Yerba Mate Plant Kurupí god of sexuality and fertility Still believed today
Short, ugly, and hairy
Lives in the forests
God of fertility
Blamed for unwanted pregnancies
Wives blame on Kurupi for cheating on their husbands
Ao Ao god of hills and mountains is like a sheep but...
has powerful claws
is said to have several offspring
Only one way to escape the Ao Ao Luison god of death The Seventh child
Born with a horrendous figure
Lord of the night
Confused with the Grimm Reaper
Half man, half wolf http://www.iguassu-misted-falls-vacation.com/culture-of-paraguay.html http://guayaki.com/mate/1894/Legends-of-Yerba-Mate-Origins.html Nickson, R. Andrew. Historical Dictionary of Paraguay. Scarecrow: Scarecrow Pr, 1993. El Final
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