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Copy of Template of SaaS in the Enterprise

A digital white paper presenting the need for a different methodology to sell a SaaS solution in the enterprise. Social selling.

on 8 September 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Template of SaaS in the Enterprise

Observational Situations
Case Study 1
Case Study 2
Thanks to:
Thank you for your stages!
Main Idea of Psychosocial Development
8 stages + 1 stage added later
Each stage is a psychosocial crisis is central to growth
Issues and concerns create growth in human development
Stages 1-4
1. Infancy (12-18 months) - Basic trust versus basic mistrust

2. Early Childhood (18 months - 3 years) - Autonomy versus shame/doubt

3. Play Age (3 - 6 years) - Initiative versus guilt

4. School Age (6-12 years) - Industry versus inferiority
Stages 5-8
5. Adolescence - Identity versus role confusion

6. Young Adult (Young Adulthood) - Intimacy versus isolation

7. Adulthood (Middle Adulthood) - Generativity versus stagnation

8. Mature Love (Late Adulthood) - Ego integrity versus despair
At this stage, adolescents are in search of an identity that will lead them to adulthood. Adolescents make a strong effort to answer the question "Who am I?"
A student who does their homework:
Prepared for the days lesson
Higher grades
Helps develop autonomy skills

A student who does
do their homework:
Educationally behind other students
Lower grades

Prezi War!
Students learn to have peer relationships by working together and competing with each other over ideas.

When our group had the idea to use Prezi before Jessica's team mentioned it. They thought we stole their idea when really, we had it already planned.
Stage 9
Gerotranscendence - Some people mental transcend the reality of their deteriorating bodies and faculties.
Erikson's Psychosocial Development
Erik Erikson
YOU for watching!

Break Ups
Along with the joys of dating, teens begin to experience break ups. Teenagers may have negative effects due to a break up, such as:

Grades dropping
Lack of self esteem / Confidence
Young Adult: Teenager begins to date. Along with dating the teenager begins to learn his identity.

Erikson's Psychosocial Crisis
Erikson's Stages of Development
Gabbie Paduano
Renee Romero
Heather Pence
Applied Challenges for Adolescences
Every teenager experiences homework over the weekend. Teachers assign it for students to complete over the weekend. Of course, there are the students who would prefer to enjoy their weekend their way and choose not to do the homework. This
the students responsibility.
Stages of Life
Stages of Life
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