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Is Jack Gruener still alive?

No description

Lembcke 19

on 13 May 2016

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Transcript of Is Jack Gruener still alive?

according to the research that I have done with The answer Is YES! He is 89
First lets
Yanek Gruener is a ten-year-old boy living in Krakow, Poland in 1939. He adores being with his extended group of cousins, aunts and uncles and daydreams about moving to America and becoming a movie star. When the Germans invade Poland and take command, Yanek mournfully listens to the church bells of the Wawel Cathedral ring out in alarm and knows his life will never be the same.
prisoner B-3087

In your head find out how...
Raise your hand and tell me what you think!
lets find OUT!

Is Jack Gruener still alive?

My opinion is that...
I think that Jack Greuner is not living because he was 16 in 1945 after the war 1996 would be 50 years later so 66 years old then 2006 66 2016 would be 76!
Is Jack Gruener still living?
Find out how old he would be to this day then raise your hand and tell me what you think.

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