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MighTree 5_Day 5

No description

RnD 1 Pangram

on 21 July 2017

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Transcript of MighTree 5_Day 5

Warm Up
Wrap Up
Warm Up Song
Nursery Rhyme
Music and Movement
Main Lesson
Day 5
We Are Family

Open Your Student Book
My family song
Ask students to find the rectangle shapes and trace them.
Tell students to color the pictures. Then encourage them to think of the other orange things.
Listen to the story
Student Book pp. 20~23
Talk about the picture with students using 'rectangle' and 'orange.'
My grandfather and grandmother are in the living room. They are exercising.
My father is in the kitchen. He is cooking.
My mother is in the bathroom. She is taking a bath.
My sister is in the bedroom. She is reading books.
My brother is in the garden. He is watering plants.
I am in the pool. I am swimming.
Teacher Talk: The color of the water is orange.
Teacher Talk: The color of the soup is orange.
Teacher Talk: The shape of the window is rectangle.
Teacher Talk: What color is the armchair?
Teacher Talk: The radio is rectangle.
Teacher Talk: The television is rectangle.
Teacher Talk: The book is orange.
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