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Howard Schultz

No description

J Veesh

on 30 July 2014

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Transcript of Howard Schultz

Who Is He?
Starbucks' Community
Principle For Action / Stakeholder Management:
1. Thriving Neighbourhoods Program
2. Community Service --> Global Month Of Service
3. Youth Action
4. Starbucks Foundation

Marketing With Ethics:
1. Ethos Water Fund

Ethical Sourcing Strategy
1. Coffee
Fair Trade
Provide Buying Guidelines Developed Alongside With Conservation International Called Coffee And Farmer Equity (C.A.F.E) Practices
Product Quality
Economic Accountability
Social Responsibility
Environmental Leadership

2. Farmers Support
Support Centre's
Loan Programs

Starbucks' Commitment
To Wellness
Marketing/ Operation With Ethics:
1. Menu Options
2. Ingredients Used In The Products Offerings

Management With Ethics --> Human Resources Management Systems:
1. Thrive Wellness
1. Community
2. Wellness
3. Environment
4. Ethical Sourcing
5. Diversity

Howard Schultz
CEO of Starbucks Corp
John Wong
July 29, 2014

Katie Harris
Jennifer Xi Wu
Veronica Malgorzata
Jyothsna Visweswaran
Junyan Rosemary Zheng
Born In Brooklyn, New York In 1953
Graduated From Northern Michigan University With Bachelor's Degree In Communications
Became Salesman For HammerPlast Which Led Him To Meet With Starbucks
Purchased Starbucks In 1987
Currently The CEO & Chairman Of Starbucks Corp.
Created Two Programs For The Company
1. Health-Care
2. Bean Stock For Partners (Employees)
Create Jobs For USA Campaign
Starbucks Fund
Environmental Stewardship of Starbucks
“We Continue To Make Progress Toward Our Environmental Stewardship And Ethical Sourcing Goals, And Believe More Than Ever That Starbucks Has A Shared Responsibility To Operate Our Business In Ways That Contribute To The Economic And Environmental Well-Being Of The Communities We Touch.”

----Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz

Environmental Stewardship of Starbucks
1. Stakeholder Management
For Public & Local Community: Being Good Citizens In the Community (Stakeholder Green Principle)
Recycling & Reducing Waste
Saving Energy & Water
For Customers: Offering The Best Service & Experience (Market Green Principle)
Building Greener Stores

2. Cooperating with Supply Chain Partners In Operation
Tackling Climate Change (Dark Green Principle)
Diversity At Starbucks
Customer Service Policy:
AODA (Accessibility For Ontarians With Disabilities Act)
Equitable Service To All Customers
Design Stores In Disability Friendly Manner
Continuous Training To All Employees, New And Old
Reduces Room For Ethical Lapses
Customers May Call Hotline & Voice Any Concerns
Engages Diversity
Provides On-Going Ethical Training
Improved Communication
Transformational Leader

Ethical Sourcing: Farmers Support
Standards of Conduct
Beneficience, Nonmaleficience, Justice
DeGeorge’s Principles
Operating With Ethics
Management With Ethics
Ethical Leadership: Gardner

Diversity At Starbucks
What Is Diversity?

Diversity: All The Ways People Differ Including: Age, Gender, Religion, Ethnicity, Place Of Birth, Sexual Orientations, Abilities.

Company Wide Diversity Strategy: Four Main Focuses
1. Partners (Employees) – Hire Employees That Reflect The Community
2. Customers – Provide Outstanding Service To All Customers
3. Communities – Support & Invest In The Community
4. Suppliers – Engage In Business With Minority & Women Owned Suppliers

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