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No description

nashwan murad

on 2 October 2014

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Transcript of SPEAK

Melinda is a 14 year old girl that goes to Merryweather highschool. Melinda is an outcast and all her former friends hate her. She gets raped and doesn't tell anyone about it because she thinks it might help her forget about it. Her family doesn't have any communication with each other.
Evidence form text/theme
The theme I think the book about speak is your always gonna be alone in life.In the book speak on page 4 Melinda says "I am outcast." She also says "there is no point looking for my ex-friends."This connects to the song all along and ill tell you why in the next paragraph.
It connects because in the song he says hes "meant to be alone." In the book speak she said shes an outcast which also means being alone. The theme to me is that your always gonna be alone. Just like in the song he says hes out there on hes own. Melinda says that there was no point in looking for her friends because they all hate her. Kid cudi says he was meant to be alone and when your alone you dont have friends and family.
In conclusion everybody gonna be alone in there lifes at some point. Melinda went to school with all her friends hating her. She was also an outcast so she had trouble making friends and fitting in. The book is a listen to all these fresh meats because they go to high school thinking everyone still there friend.
All Along
I have chose the song All Along by kid cudi. I've chosen this song because it relates to the song in my opinion. In the song kid cudi says "All along
All along I guess I'm meant to be alone Out there on my own." The lyrics mean that all this he feels alone in the world. Just like Melinda in the book speak.
How it connects
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