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Literary Features in Oedipus Rex

No description

Briana DeRosa

on 22 February 2014

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Transcript of Literary Features in Oedipus Rex

-"May his news be fair as his face radiant!"
Visual Imagery
-"thick with berries"
-"An old defilement we are sheltering.It is a deathly thing,beyond cure. We must not let it feed upon us longer."
Dramatic Irony
-"I never saw him"
;"Whoever killed King Laios might-who knows?-kill me a well. By avenging the murdered king I protect myself."
Scene l
Dramatic Irony
-"I solemnly forbid the people of this country...speak with him,no matter who he is,or let him join in sacrifice,lustration,or in prayer. I decree he be driven from every house, Being,as he is, corruption itself to us"
Dramatic irony
-" If Laios had luck in fatherhood" ; "If i were his son" ; "You child of endless night"
-"How dreadful knowledge of the truth can be When there's no help in truth!"
- "we can not see that his words or yours Have been spoken except in anger"
Blindness motif
-"you,with both your eyes,are blind:You cannot see the wretchedness of your life"
- "But the double lash of your parents' curse will whip you Out of this land some day, with only night upon your precious eyes"

Scene ll
-"He may have spoken in anger. not from his mind" ;
"Reason it out, as i have done.Think of this first; Would any sane man prefer Power,with all a king's anxieties"
- "If you think a man can sin against his own kind And not be punished for it, I say you are mad."
- " How could I desire a scepter more than what is now mine"
-"You do wrong When you take good men for bad,bad men for good."
-"Judgements too quickly formed are dangerous."
-"O city,city!"
Blindness motif
-"In blind malice"
-"Means death for me,or exile at the least." ; "let me die, if i must, Or be driven by him in shame from the land of Thebes."
-" Natures like yours chiefly torment themselves"
Sphinx allusion
-"storm of another time"
Nautical metaphor
-"You,under whose hand, In the storm of another time,Our dear land sailed out free. But now stand fast at the helm!"
-"that I should lie with my own mother,breed Children from whom all men would turn their eyes; And that I should be my father's murdered. I heard all this and fled."
Rhetorical questions
-"Where is a man more miserable than ?More hated by the gods?"

Ode ll
-"Tempt and outrage God's holy law;And any mortal who dares hold No immortal power in awe Will be caught up in a net of pain"
Nautical metaphor
-"net of pain"

Scene lll
- " Our hearts are heavy with fear When we see our leader distracted, as helpless sailors Are terrified by the confusion of their helmsman"
- " O riddlers of God's will ,where are you now!"
Dramatic irony
-"They prophesized that I should kill Polybos,Kill my own father;but he is dead and buried and I am here-I never touched him" ;
"If only my mother were not still alive!But she is alive. I can not help my dread."
- "I fear the silence: Something dreadful may come of it."
Auditory imagery
-"A great sob broke from him,heartbreaking to hear"
Simile/visual imagery
- "Bursting from his ruined sockets like red hail"
Visual imagery
-"a sight so full of fear"
Rhetorical questions
- "What madness came upon you,what daemon Leaped on your life with heavier Punishment than a mortal man can bear?" ; "Is there a sorrow greater? Where shall I find harbor in this world?" ; "what has God done to me?"
- "You suffer it all twice over,remorse in pain,Pain in remorse."
Éxodos continued
-"What god was it drove you to rake black Night across your eyes?
- "Ah Kithairon! Why did you shelter me? When I was cast upon you Why did I not die?"
"Oh marriage,marriage!"
- "the net of incest"
Rhetorical questions/foreshadowing
- "What homes,what festivals can you attend Without being forced to depart in tears? And when you come to marriageable age,Where is the man, my daughters ,who would dare risk the bane that lies on all my children?Is there any evil wanting?"
Literary Features in
Oedipus Rex
by Sophocles

Ode lV
- "That mind was a strong bow"
-"You overcame the stranger-The virgin with her hooking lion claws"
-"And though death sang,stood like a tower"
-"Fortress against our sarrow" ; "The garden that he harrowed at his height be silent when that act was done?"
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