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Thunder and lightning

No description

jacob ellsworth

on 7 February 2017

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Transcript of Thunder and lightning

Thunder and lightening
Pictures of thunder and lightening
How thunder and lightening is made
thunder and lighting is cuased from elsectrons moving super fast that the elscrons super heat the air around them cuasing lightning. did u know The average temperature of lightning is around 20000 °C (36000 °F.

What will happend if you get hit by lightening
The human body simply isn't built to conduct 300kV of electricity. So when things backfire while you're fishing in a thunderstorm, and you find yourself doing an impromptu rendition of Powder, here's what you can expect.

Where is lightening most commonly found
lightning mostly hits the scyscraper called Burj Khalifa becuase lighting hits tall metal poles,metal,and some times trees if they are tall and water some times (very rare)
Burj Khalifa
Lightning and thunder on camera
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