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Humanities Classical Project

The Parthenon

L Padios

on 7 February 2013

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Transcript of Humanities Classical Project

The Aesthetic Beauty of the Parthenon Doric Order Ionic Order Stylobate Stereobate Necking Echinus Abacus Architrave 8 x 17 columns "In the case of temples, symmetry may be calculated from the thickness of a column, from a triglyph, or even from a module." -Virtuvius Column Triglyph Module Module Triglyph Metope Equal 1.5 times Metope Metope Tryglyph .15% accuracy 1 module 1.5 modules 4 - 6 - 9 Victory Athena Poseidon Athena Parthenos Acropolis (447-432 B.C.) Ictinus & Callicrates, Phidias Honor Athena & Persian defeat Harmony & clarity Athena's birth & Poseidon battle Corinthian Order Orders of Classical Architecture
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