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peotry unit

No description

Sage Ince

on 19 November 2012

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Transcript of peotry unit

By Sage Ince Lorraine Ferra Who is Lorraine Ferra ? Lorraine Ferra is a former nun who now, is a poet in residence of nature poems. She is also working with kids in schools, Teaching them the art of how to write poetry, and has even written the book a crow doesn't need a shadow: a guide to writing poetry from nature. where is she from Lorraine Ferra is from Vallejo,CA, She moved to Salt Lake city were her poetry career started. But now currently lives in port Townsend,WA interesting facts Lorraine Ferra was a nun for seven years, after the heart break of her mom dieing.During that time she majored in theology and education. She went on to being a curriculum director in Salt Lake city. There she attended poetry and creative writing classes which sparked her career as a poet. This poem is a nature poem about old age. Its main message is to notice things growing old, and to respect life; never take things for granted, always be optimistic and thankful for what life gave you. Taste the sweet meat of an old fig. senescent: by Lorraine Ferra influences Her main influence was her mom. her mom used to take her to the library and read her poetry and bring her books. Through her moms own fascination with poetry, that same fascination grew in her. Her mom influenced her to be a writer and pushed her to live her dreams.
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