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Career Shadowing.

Career Shadowing


on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Career Shadowing.

Career Shadowing By Dylan Kaplan Facts on career Shadowing What Is The purpose of This part of the company? Our part of the companie is to
provide quality imagining and for patience to obtain a diagnosis One of the best parts was getting inside of the Cat Scan Machine.
Due to confidental Reasons i couldn't have a picture of anyone else in the Cat Scan Machine
But what else is better than looking at me ? Were will your company be in 15 years? we will still be
providing quality care for patience. What empolyability skills are needed for this company? You have to have graduated from a radiology program, and pass your registry administered by the american registry of Radioliogy technology What is the average starting salary for someone in your position?
lowest is 22 Dollars an Hour, Mid Is 27.50 an Hour, and Top out at 33 Dollars and Hour What type of technology is needed for your job? We used GE Light Speed (computer program for the cat scanner) And Intowitian Tarrercon (To look at Patience's in 3d) Now For some Pics :P Would you pursue a job with this company?
Probably not due to it being really computer controlled.
I dont mind computers but just thinking about using them for
the rest of my life makes me scream Skills needed for job Compare-
Shirts Tucked In - both
Must Wash Hands - both
Listin to your Boss (Teacher) - both Best- High pay for starting. Good benefits
Worst- Computers 24/7. My sisters Date was messed up
if you dont beileve me look at the picture with me in
the soccer jacket..i got that this year :)
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