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Getting Plugged into EM Resources

No description

Jennifer Cotton

on 19 March 2015

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Transcript of Getting Plugged into EM Resources

Getting Plugged into
EM Resources

EM Associations to Join

EM Resources to Make You Look Smart (and learn some EM from)

Your UK Resources
EM Associations
Know what's going on in EM
Put memberships on your CV
They have med student specific resources
You'll get free stuff that actually helps on your EM rotation
Look smart on your EM rotations/shadowing!
ACEP/EMRA - great student section

AAEM - amazing student resources

SAEM - the academic EM people (a little pricey)
EM Resources
to Know

Website: Life in the Fast Lane
Podcast: EMCRIT
Podcast: Ultrasound Podcast
Podcast: PED ED
Podcast: EMRAP (free with EMRA membership)
UK EM Resources
Wildcat EMIG website
Helicopter Ride Alongs
EMIG Quickhits
Substance Abuse Shadowing
Dr. Adkins!
EM Department
EM Grand Rounds
Dr. Doty!
EM Program Director... He's amazing!
EMIG's Faculty Advisor! Who is wonderful!!
Jason Joy is fantastic and will change how you deal with substance abusers in the ER!!
Instructions on EMIG Shadowing page
Instructions on EMIG Resources page
Free Stuff!!
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