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Beautiful Guatemala, we are waiting for you to enjoy it like

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Pabs Castanheda

on 7 August 2015

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Transcript of Beautiful Guatemala, we are waiting for you to enjoy it like

Beautiful Guatemala, we are waiting for you to enjoy it like never before!
Guatemala..........It´s magic.
The name “Guatemala” is said to mean the “land of many trees,” and that is true. Over 300 micro climates would welcome you to enjoy your visit.
The country’s three types of
terrain include the volcanic
central highlands, the Pacific lowlands and the northern
plains of jungle.
Make it your own experience!
We can tailor your experience every step
of the way and we can work with you
according to your budget.
Whether you are a family that wants great
experiences or someone that wants to go to spanish school or come to do medical tourism.
Perhaps a couple that wants to enjoy a romantic and interesting vacation or simply a group of people that wants to enjoy
the country, or a church team that wants
to come and serve others........We can do it!
Make Antigua your base for all your adventures.
Imagine staying in
one of the oldest
cities in the

Stay in Antigua
Guatemala and make
it your home while
you tour around
We want to make
you feel like traveling in time!

As part of the experience
we want you to feel the
colonial life style. You can
stay in any of our beautiful
apartments or houses.
Every apartment & house
has its own story, with all
the amenities you need.

So where is Guatemala ?
Tucked between
Mexico, Belize and
2 hours from Miami,
3 hours from Atlanta
4 hours from Nashville
Or simply enjoy any of the amazing local restaurants that offer national or international cuisine.
Surrounded by 3 beautiful volcanoes,
one of the most tasteful coffee regions.
If you love coffee you came to the right place.

Enjoy the magic!!
Experience every possible climate from Guatemala. One hour and half from Antigua Guatemala you can experience the Pacific Ocean and Monterrico's protected Beach.
Let Guatemalan people make you fall in love with our land!
Every detail

Get to learn and
experience our
Guatemalan cuisine
with an authentic
Experience our local
market, the smells and colors when getting everything fresh for the meal.
Enjoy our culture while you stay in one of our properties.
Two hours and a half from Antigua Guatemala you can always enjoy beautiful Lake Atitlan, one of the most recognized lakes in the world for its beauty and nature.
Go back home with a nice tan, relax and enjoy
Everything is possible and
we are waiting for you!!
There is only one problem ....

You might never want to go back
We provide selective
variety of quality houses
in Antigua Guatemala.
Our homes are fully
furnished and equipped
with all appliances,
cookware, cutlery & crockery.
All units include cable TV, internet, laundry, security and heating water
All our homes are
ready to move in, just bring
your suitcase.
Delicious food everywhere !!
Our trip to Guatemala was amazing-
My daughter was adopted from Guatemala and this was her first trip back - it was important to us for her to see her country's culture yet for us to be safe and comfortable. From the moment Pablo picked us up at the airport, to our cultural tour at a University, our trip to the mayan ruins, to our volunteering and sightseeing around Antigua.. it was all perfectly arranged and exceeded our expectations. Not speaking the language - Pablo is fluent in English and helped us navigate a perfect trip. The food was amazing - great restaurant suggestions - and he was fun. Our kids loved him - we all had a great time and I would highly recommend Pablo to help you coordinate your next trip to Guatemala.
Katie Dorn
It was such a personalized trip, not a travel agency set up at all. I felt like at my "Guatemalan home", I wish....................
Jamie D
For more information please contact us at
I'm a coffee lover, so I was able to learn more about growing coffee and the expertise behind a great cup of java. My entire family loved it as well and we felt safe all the time. Gregorio Strauss
Did you know that People from developed countries such as USA and Canada are increasingly traveling abroad for medical procedures? Drawn by the affordable prices, convenient travel options and short wait times, they are getting dental work, specialty surgeries and other treatments while enjoying a vacation. Doctors are highly qualified and many have been trained in USA & Europe, the facilities are modern equipped with latest technology available, the care and attention patients get is more human, warm and professional
Beautiful Hotels to rest and enjoy!
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