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The Archer and the Moon Goddess

No description

Carly Abbey

on 12 December 2013

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Transcript of The Archer and the Moon Goddess

The Archer and the Moon Goddess
Based around the creation of the sun (1) and the moon (2)
1 "The last sun left in the sky had learned his lesson from this unnerving event. From then on he never disobeyed his parents." (Kong and Wong, 33)
2 "[...] she decided to land on the moon instead of going back to her old home in heaven." (Kag and Wong, 38)
Yi was told not to hurt the suns more than he needed to
when they didn't listen he got frustrated
The potion had the ability to turn mortal into gods
Chang O was already uninterested in earth.
Yi became frustrated
he shot down all nine suns
Chang O drank the whole potion even though they were supposed to share it
Short term consequences
Dijun was angry
"Why did you shoot down nine of our sons all at once?" he asked Yi, in rage. (Kong and Wong, 34)
Chang O left her husband to die mortal
Long term consequences
Chang O and Yi were made human.
"If you love earth and its people so much, you and your wife must go to live there. I cannot bear to have you in my sight." (Kong and Wong, 36)
She had to live on the moon alone
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