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Stephen Hill

on 28 October 2014

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Transcript of WordMate

Manufacturer of quality writing utensils.

WordMate is working with The Ontario Ministry of Education to bring schools a new line of writing utensils.

Went public last year, following the release of our line of writing utensils, the Terriors.

The Terriors mainly featured the Kytus, a graphite Pencil and The Rellic, a ball-point pen.

We are going to create a new line using either a HB2 regular, wopex, mechanical pencil, ballpoint pen, or sharpie marker
The Accomplices
The Accomplices are our newest line of writing utensils.

The answers to the survey that we sent out to schools in Ontario shaped the design of our writing utensils.

The Accomplice Line will include a new model of our ballpoint pens.

Our Survey and Letter
Writing Examination
We compared the writing samples of people by writing utensil and chose the one that matched Arial the best. We chose Arial due to its simplistic style and block-like letters, as apposed to the curls used in the Bickham typeface. We compared only the letters i, e, and t; as they are the most commonly used letters. The letters from a sentence that best matched Arial got one "tally" for that writing utensil, and after ten people we saw which writing utensil had the most tallies.
Graphs and Results
The results to the questions that we will show you next are the ones that we feel impacted our choice of writing utensil the most. We will show sections that some questions fall under, show graphs and results for each question, then make conclusions based only upon the results of that section. At the end we will show you the conclusions that we made based upon all of the results.
Questions revolving around what writing utensil you use now
Questions based upon which writing utensil (or aspect of a writing utensil) you like the most
Ranking Questions
Question 1: Please rank the wopex pencil from 1 to 10. Graph and Results
As you can see the wopex's ranking has a very wide range. People ranked it as low as 2 and as high as 10. This shows us that different audiences like the wopex on varying levels. Then mean ranking of the wopex is 6.7, which is alright but not spectacular.
Question 2: Please rank the HB2 regular from 1 to 10. Graph and results
Unlike the wopex, the HB2 regular had a very small range of rankings. Its largest ranking was a 9 and lowest a 5. The mean of the HB2 is 6.7 ,which is exactly the same as the wopex's ranking.
Question 3: Please rank the ballpoint pen from 1 to 10. Graph and Results
The results for the ballpoint pen are very interesting. Only 4 of the 10 possible rankings were selected, and all of them very high. The overall mean of the ballpoint pen's rankings is 7.2, which is superior to both the wopex and HB2's mean.
Question 4: Please rank the mechanical pencil from 1 to 10. Graph and results
The rankings for the mechanical pencil are very spread out, like the wopex's were. However unlike the wopex the mechanical pencil's rankings are either low or high; not in between. This shows that there is a very strong group of mechanical pencil haters, and an equally strong group of people that love them. The mean for the mechanical pencil is 7.2. This is the same mean as the ballpoint pen and is tied for the highest mean ranking.
Question 5: Please rank the sharpie marker from 1 to 10. Graph and results
The rankings for the sharpie were very low. People found this writing utensil far worse than any of the other ones. The highest ranking for the sharpie was a 6, and in comparison to the others, that was the worst ranking for the ballpoint pen. The mean of the sharpie's ranking is 2.6.
Conclusions based upon only the ranking questions
Wopex: 6.7

HB2 Regular: 6.7

Ballpoint Pen: 7.2

Mechanical Pencil: 7.2

Sharpie Marker: 2.6
Based upon the means of the ranking the ballpoint pen and the mechanical pencil are the favourites. We however think that since the ballpoint pen has less numbers under 5, it is superior.
Question 18: Which writing utensil do you use already? Graph and results
The results from this graph a very straightforward. As you can see 60% of people use the HB2 regular, and the remaining 40% use a mechanical pencil. This 40% of people is most likely the group of people that gave the mechanical pencil the high rankings.
Question 6: Do you like the writing utensil you are using now? Graph and results
As you can see from the graph, 80% of people said that they like the writing utensil that they are using. Since people are using either the HB2 regular or the mechanical pencil, 80% of people like the HB2 regular or the mechanical pencil. This means that they are a better choice then the other writing utensils based upon the results of this question.
Question 8: Do you think that a different writing utensil would increase your enjoyment of writing? Graph and results
This graph shows that 50% of people answered yes to this question, and 50% of people answered no. This result is particularly unhelpful to the decision of which writing utensil is the best because if the results were leaning one way we could deduce that the writing utensils other than the HB2 regular and mechanical pencil would be better for writing; or the other way around.
Conclusions based only upon this section of questions
Based upon this section's results, the HB2 regular and the mechanical pencil are the best. However since the results from the question on whether or not a different writing utensil would increase your enjoyment of writing were equal these results cannot be relied on as heavily. This being as it is, the HB2 regular and the mechanical pencil still come out on top.
Question 16: Which writing utensil do you feel wrote the most smoothly? Graph and results
As you can see, 7/10 (70%) people chose the ballpoint pen as the smoothest writer. We attribute this to its circular tip, opposed to a pencil's sharp and scratchy one.
Question 17: Which writing utensil felt the best in your hand? Graph and results
As you can see in the graph, people thought that the ballpoint pen felt the best in their hand. In a close second was the wopex. We believe that the reason the ballpoint pen had the most votes is because of its rubber grip.
Question 20: Which writing utensil do you like the most? Graph and results
As you can see from the graph people liked a variety of writing utensils the most. Overall three people chose the ballpoint pen, wopex, or mechanical pencil as their favourite. Apart from that one person chose the HB2 regular as their favourite.
Results based only upon this section of questions
This section of questions shows that the ballpoint pen is the favourite. The question about writing smoothness showed the ballpoint pen had 70% of the votes. Also, the ballpoint pen was voted to feel the best in people's hands, further proving its superiority. Finally, even though three of the writing utensils (ballpoint pen, wopex, and HB2 regular) tied for the last question the ballpoint pen is superior due to its results in the other two questions.
Our survey asked the taker to write a simple sentence (The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog) using 5 enclosed writing utensils (HB2 regular, wopex, mechanical pencil, ballpoint pen, or the sharpie marker). We then asked questions revolving around how much you like the writing utensil, what writing utensil you already use, etc. This is the letter that we would include in our survey.
Conclusions Based Upon the Survey
In conclusion, the ballpoint pen is the best overall. It had the highest (tied) mean ranking of 7.2. Also, compared to the writing utensil it was tied with (mechanical pencil) it had less numbers under 5 and therefore had a higher overall likeability. In the next section of questions the HB2 regular and mechanical pencil were overall the best in terms of people using them and liking them. We attribute this to lack of exposure of ballpoint pens, and believe if they were marketed correctly people would fully embrace them. Finally, in the final section it was the ballpoint pen that came out on top. This is due to people liking its smoothness and grip the most. Again, the ballpoint pen is our best option as a line.
Sentences Tallies
Writing Utensil
Number of Tallies
HB2 Regular
Ballpoint Pen
Mechanical Pencil
Sharpie Marker
Conclusions From Sentences
As you noticed from the tallies, the number of letters written by the wopex that best matched the corresponding Arial letter was 11. This was the highest overall and means that the wopex is the best writer. In second with 8 tallies was the ballpoint pen and in third was the HB2 Regular.
Full Conclusions
In conclusion, the ballpoint pen was the overall favourite. This result came from the combined results of the survey. However, the wopex is the best writer, based on the sentences judged by our analytic team. But since the ballpoint pen came second in writing, and the mechanical pencil came second in favourite (not the wopex) we are going to go ahead and create a line of ballpoint pens. If this fails we shall fall back to a line of wopex pencils, the mechanical pencils, then HB2 regulars, and finally a line of sharpie's.
Thank You For Watching
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