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history of computers

No description

Liam Ferguson

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of history of computers

history of computers
the first electric computer.
on February 15Th 1946 the first electronic computer was invented (below)
apple's first computer
modern day computers
now a days there are lots of high-tech computers. there are touch screen computers, flexible ones all kinds.
how did apple get it's name
Steve jobs (below) came up with the name apple because he used to live on a road called apple orchard.
the first computer
the first computer was invented in 1822. in the picture it may look small but acctully it was very large. it was about the size of a classroom.
apple's first computer was invented in 1976(below) it may look like it is not an apple computer but that is because now there are hi-tech computers.
future computers
in the future there could be all kinds of computers. there could be holographic computers, and computers that you slide to the side to go to a different tab. there could also be a talking computer. follow this link to see what i mean of the talking computer.Y:\year 8 then click on future computers.
pictures of future computers
when was Microsoft founded
Microsoft was founded on April 4Th 1975 by two men named bill gates and Paul Allen.
hotmail was invented in 1996 and the latest version was made in 2011
hotmail was made so people could contact people all over the world and send news, dates and reminders to people.
google & gmail
google was made in 1998 so people could search for all kinds of websites
gmail was made in 2004 for the same purposes as hotmail. linking to gmail came google+ which was made in 2013 so people could do all sorts of things including, games, community and hangouts.
microsoft has brought out lots of products like word, powerpoint, etc
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