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The End of Forever


Hadley Hall

on 22 August 2011

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Transcript of The End of Forever

Prezi By: Hadley Hall The End of Forever Somewhere Between Life and Death Time to Let Go Two Novels in One Written By: Lurlene McDaniel About the Author:
McDaniel has written more than 40 novels about teens facing life- threatening illnesses, love, courage strentgh and power to keep fighting. The novels have been very inspirational to the fans that read her books. She conducts itensive studies about each
topic she is writing about. She interveiws
medical doctors and nurse for accurate infomation. She also researchs the Tennessee Organ Donor Service to make sure her information relates to her readers. Mcdaniel started writing books when she found out her 3 year old son was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes. source:
www.amazon.com Other books by: Lurlene McDaniel Erin hates her younger sister, Amy.
Erin doesn't realize how much she loves and needs Amy, until the day her world come falling to peices.
Erin has to cope with the fact that her sister is
now in the ICU
Erin realizes you don't really miss somebody until they are gone.. Summary Who? Who:
Erin: main character, older sister of
Amy; hates her sister and has to deal
with the mental pain of the accident
Amy: younger sister of Erin
Mrs. Bennett: mother of Erin and Amy
Mr. Bennett: father of Erin and Amy
Travis Sinclair: Amy's boyfriend
David: Main actor of the school play "Wayside Stories", Erin's biggest pest When? Present time: around 2007 Why? ? ? ?
? ? ? ? ?
? ? Lurlene Mcdaniel felt
that she needed to reach
out to her teenage audience
with a novel that would help
them understand difficult
sitiuations in everyday life. Why should you read this book? The End of Forever is a book that
is for real. It could happen to any
regular family. You never know a
good thing until its gone. Prezi by: Hadley Hall < < < Where? This book was suppose
to be located in a small
town in the south. odds evens numbers
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