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No description

Allyson Appelbaum

on 3 December 2015

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Transcript of Circumcision

Intact: When a penis has not been circumcised, and
foreskin is left natural

Not Intact: When a penis has been
circumcised, and foreskin has
been removed

Why do you think the terms
"Intact" and "Not intact" should be
used opposed to "circumcised" and
"not circumcised"?
Buzzwords (Vocab)
With the terms "circumcised"
and "not circumcised", it
implies that circumcised is the norm, while "uncircumcised" is not normal.
Trigger Warning: Illustration of circumcision procedure
The Procedure
Functions of The Foreskin
Elastic-y piece of skin that covers the glans of the penis!!!
Antibacterial Function (so you're telling me it actually protects AGAINST infection?!)
Sexual sensitivity (20,000 nerve endings!!)
Produces pheromones, increasing arousal of partner!!!
Anything that is naturally on a body is there for a reason!
Why do people get circumcised?
Myths about the benefits of circumcision:
-That is creates better hygiene
-That it protects against STI's and HIV (see video in upcoming slide)
-Looks better "aesthetically"
-Is "the norm"

Circumcising a child takes away that child's right to decide for themselves whether they want to be circumcised or not
aka, its an issue of consent
Why circumcision is totally a Social/Reproductive Justice issue:
In addition:
No Medical organization in the world, not even the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends infant circumcision
Circumcision is a risky, painful and unnecessary procedure
Many parents are not even told their baby is being circumcised, or are not completely informed
What groups of people do you think the uninformed aspect could apply to?
Rite of passage
Religion (Islam, Judaism, some others)
Family Tradition (Other men in family)
Simply being uninformed
John Harvey Kellogg (yes, the cereal guy)
Why do some people choose to get circumcised later on in life?
Not knowing how to properly take care of foreskin/ lack of knowledge about it's purpose
Shame due to stigma around intact penises
Pain with erections, or, very rarely, Phimosis (a rare condition where the foreskin is too tight around the glans of the penis)
However, most of these could be solved without circumcision
Circumcision (Of the Penis)
Judaism and Circumcision
Judaism has a long history of circumcising baby boys* as a rite of passage.
However, some, and increasing more Jewish families are choosing to opt for a Brit Shalom, or a baby naming ceremony where the baby is not circumcised.
How to Care for an Intact Penis
Strips people with penises of their right to sexual autonomy
So what about during erection?
Many people worry that intact penises are harder to take care of, and more likely to get infected. This is a myth! The foreskin protects against bacteria + infection
To remember how to care for an intact penis, use this simple phrase:
“If Intact, don’t retract”
Foreskin retracts naturally on it's own between the ages of 1-18, with the average age being around 10 or at the beginning of puberty.
With both penises and vaginas, before natural retraction, the prepuce (foreskin/clitoral hood) is tightly adhered to the glans (head) of the penis/clitoris, in the same way your fingernail is tightly adhered to your finger.
So how do you care for an intact penis?
Just clean what is seen!
Trigger warning: penis images next slide -->
Trigger Warning next slide as well --->
Not Intact
What do you notice about the difference between the two?
Foreskin protects the super-
sensitive head of the penis!
The frenulum has been deemed the "g-spot" of the penis
Look at
There will be pictures of healthy, intact penises in this presentation, so a trigger warning will appear on the slide before
The Gomco Clamp is one of 2
most used methods of circumcision in
America (Plastibell being the other)
The aftermath of Circumcision
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