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Larry Page Google 3.0

No description

Joshua Reditt

on 13 November 2013

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Transcript of Larry Page Google 3.0

Chapter 10
Larry Page's Google 3.0

Important Facts Surrounding the case
Executives felt google was loosing its productivity to the very thing that made it so successful.
Its loose structure and reigns governor operation regarding development of different interests and focus's among internal departments
Buzz (Twitter Like)
Wave (Online Meeting)
Key Issues
Communication lacks with so many different directions
Managers are not able to keep in touch with monitoring performance due to lack of upper level structure
Google stock rose only 13.7% over the past 12 months
Its loosely organized structure is growing unwieldy and counterproductive
Alternative Course of Action
Google need to keep things going such as keeping up with speed, pace, and passion.

Some reigns need to pull into maximizing efficiency and productivity.
Evaluate Course of Action
If Google keep up with speed, pace, and passion, while increasing in the size of the company. Google will stop falling behind in things such as social networks.

Reigning in employee freedoms may result in some loss of creative experimentation. It may also result in loss of talent, but redirection and focus, by nature, should multiply equitable profits through more finely tuned products.
Search engine
Chrome browser
Expand outside the USA

SWOT Analysis
The organized structure is growing unwieldy and counterproductive
Creative chaos inside google halls
Social Networks
Becoming ossified, which can paralyze the company
Graham Ewing
Anthony Jones
Joshua Reditt
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